New Rule: Fetish Patriotism | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)

Published on October 28, 2017

Bill asks why people who wrap themselves in the flag are always the ones most clueless about what it represents.

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  • MsZephyra 2 years ago

    Fetish patriotism – couldn’t have thought of a better term for it.

  • Milan Thapa 2 years ago

    half of them are trying to divert attention while other other half are man childs that never grew up and love flashy things.

  • Artstrology 2 years ago

    Sports , the only job where you have to play the anthem at the beginning of your work day. Imagine doing that in the office.

  • cactibacti 2 years ago

    Here’s an idea. Go into a house of worship armed with a copy of the National Anthem. When a call to prayer which includes kneeling as a part of the tradition comes to pass, press the play button. Hmmm………..

  • mrglee232 2 years ago

    LOL and the Left wonders why they don’t control anything in this country after 8 years of Obama.

  • Lora Coffee 2 years ago

    The way he said “farms” just got me

  • Lauren Peacock 2 years ago

    The BOTS are out in the comments. Not much point reading past this time frame. Chances are it will be BOT activity. Good luck telling the difference. BE SKEPTICAL!

  • Dennis Guillemette 2 years ago

    Bill Maher and all his fellow zionist jew treasonous pedophiles of aipac who’s only beliefs are young black little boys in girls dresses are there favorite pass time and all of these zionist controlled pedophile loving liberals will soon all be exposed for there old man perversions who his fellow liberal traitors all have rooms reserved at the zionist jew built fema construction camps whom these treasonous little perverts built for Christians and Muslims who refuse to warship there satanic canibalistic atheist pedophile jewish beliefs and religions. God bless everybody and open there eyes to the truth of these psychotic liberal nazi created perverts in hollywood globalist treasonous enemies of humanity.

  • Onodera1980 2 years ago

    It’s easy to appear patriotic… It’s difficult to prove it because that would require sacrifice, service, work…

  • MagicReason 2 years ago

    Bill! I really liked the self-deprecating joke about The Captain & Tennille. I don’t quite understand their criticisms (perhaps because they’re left-wing political purists who bristle at the fact you have conservatives on your show – never mind that they act as an important mirror and foil) but some younger comedians really like to give you shit. I think the self-deprecating joke is good (I hope, at least) diffusing some of that criticism. It’s OK to poke fun at your age. Just don’t go overboard and feed the hungry jaw this culture has to paint older people as inept.

  • 2126Eliza 2 years ago

    Republicans are authoritarian. They’re often religious for the same reason. They can’t think and they don’t want to. It’s pathetic.

  • Bilinda Law-Morley 2 years ago

    Apparently athletes standing for the anthem is a proud and ancient tradition, of approximately. ….TEN YEARS!!
    Also because I’m a foreigner can somebody please tell me why kneeling in peaceful, silent protest is disrespectful of the flag, but wrapping yourself in it, dragging it on the ground, or in the case of a certain cheese twist with mold sprouting from his head, pressing up against it lustfully are all deeply respectful and patriot….”Sad”

  • Shawn 2 years ago

    Republicans: the cancer that we can’t seem to erase

    ONE DAY!

  • Roger Foster 2 years ago

    As the late great George Carlin used to say: “Flags are symbols, and I leave symbols to the symbol-minded.”

  • Cory Lee 2 years ago

    This is EXACTLY what I’ve been saying for years. Overly patriotic people. Fuck em all. Just glad they’re all boycotting the NFL. Makes seats cheaper.

  • jonathan ramont 2 years ago

    I think the left is kinda off base here. I think before all this politicization there was a consensus that the national Anthem had nothing to do with political figures or government it was meant to enshrine those who died for the country. So you’ll see that almost nobody polls that they don’t agree with their right to knell. Its more that people think this is an inappropriate venue for these displays.

  • seriously154 2 years ago

    We all ought to be kneeling during the anthem. If you’re black, female, elderly, the police think they have the automatic right to intimidate you. And if you fight back at all, you risk your life.

  • Hobo Baggins 2 years ago

    just because someone is transgender doesn’t mean they can’t fight for our country.

  • TwinRavens 2 years ago

    you ABSOLUTELY nailed it Bill!

  • axnyslie 2 years ago

    They love the military the war North Koreans “love” theirs.


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