New Rule: F*** tha Casting Police | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)

Published on August 12, 2022

Hollywood has to stop listening to the casting police and go back to picking the best actor for the role.

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  • underweightHater 1 year ago

    actors should only play themselves. Daniel Day-Lewis in Lincolnface… disgusting!

  • Harald Hofer 1 year ago

    Epic! And so true.
    Let’s make a film like “The Silence of the Lambs” but only with real psychopathic murderers.

  • Thunder Up 1 year ago

    Thank god the left still has Bill

  • Red Pine 1 year ago

    How did Trump win in 2016? This kind of sh*t Bill is talking about here.

  • Nigel Bagguley 1 year ago

    The best response to Hanks comments about Philadelphia came from giant of both stage and screen Sir Ian McKellen who asked whether his being gay should have prevented his on-screen exploration of the mysteries of heterosexual marriage.

  • Eric 1 year ago

    They didn’t give any shits about racial casting for Chernobyl, they just wanted good actors.

  • xhagast 1 year ago

    I understand Bill is drinking a LOT less nowadays. Small wonder, you look at the world nowadays and have to wonder if you are drunk or high. It has been said and it is true: the far left has gone so far left they have become the far RIGHT. No in the details but in the ways, means and emotions. Violence, intolerance, anger, contempt. Madness and hatred. My consolation is that it is failing. At least the left is failing.

  • New Yardley Sinclair 1 year ago

    Ethnic cosplay? These ppl are unreal.

  • Tina Perez 1 year ago

    Waiting for the cultural pendulum to swing back to “sane”. Any time now would be great and looong overdue.

  • Anton Brakhage 1 year ago

    I could write a long essay on all of this, but I’ll just make two points.

    1. Part of his argument in addressing the Eddie Redmayne example appears to be that there is no longer a lack of “chairs at the table”. This is incorrect. Yes, there are some big stars who are people of colour, or openly gay. Its better than it once was. It is not in any way equal. To take just one example, the MCU (the biggest franchise in the world right now) took 18 films to make one with a lead who was not a white person. It took them 21 to make one with a lead who was not a man. At present, they have I think four or five films out of 29 with leads who aren’t white men. So when Maher claims that straight people or white people or men being cast in other identities isn’t taking roles away from people- he’s either egregiously uninformed, or he’s lying. And when he says we should just to everything by merit- the implication, intended or otherwise, is that if there are so many fewer women or queer people or people of colour cast, its because they are less meritorious. If there is demonstrable inequality despite active efforts to level the playing field, and then you say “It should just be done on merit”, the sub text is that you think straight white men are inherently more deserving on merit. And that is prejudice.

    2. Anyone who uses the phrase “woke” or “woke mob” to attack their opponents is engaging in blatant “Alt Right” (read: fascist) dogwhistling.

    Oh, also? I’m an actor, I have first hand experience of these issues, and I resent Maher presuming to speak for my field or what it means.

  • Fab F 1 year ago

    Ah Bill ! You just don’t understand!
    It’s a “minority problem”. Let them have every role available but cis white males should be reduced to cis white males roles .

  • John cook 1 year ago

    I rarely find myself on the same page as Maher… But here, 100% on the same page!!!

  • bones brigade2o2o 1 year ago

    The forced laughs are disgusting.

  • valleyshrew 1 year ago

    Correction, Emma Stone got in trouble for playing a fictional character made up for the film that was 1/4 Hawaiian, 1/4 Chinese, and 1/2 Swedish. Good luck finding an A-list actress with that exact heritage. The people attacking her likely would have been fine with a fully Asian actress doing the role even though that would have been equally inaccurate.

  • Matt Spehar 1 year ago

    Ah Bill…so great. Thank you for all the laughs

  • Cee Emm 1 year ago

    Only serial killers should play …….how did Tony Curtis never get arrested and get sentenced to life…..

  • Dr K 1 year ago

    Hopefully, Bill will be remembered as a benevolent comic who stood up for free speech. Though, I think his Trump tirate was lazy and became tired. Bill, like many others in the US stilll believe we live in a democracy and have unrestricted civil liberties so long as they are lawful. And that is partially true. However, unfortunately Bill’s new rules segment tonight targetted groups/ tribes that have alot of political power depsite their relatively low group membership. And ironiclally, Bill will be wearing the same shoes that his nemisis, Donald, had to wear after the 2020 election. I doubt the show makes it to the end of the season. And if it does, it will only be because HBO can’t afford it. But there will definetly not be a Real Time in 2023 after tonight. Bill, if you read this, though I disagree with 80% of your nonsense, I have enjoyed your show and respect your values. Hopefully things will change in America. However, I am not hopeful they will. Thanks for the years of entertainment on Real Time!


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