New Rule: Do the Wrong Thing | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)



  • Jfi Xiong 2 years ago

    This country treat Democrats like a girlfriend you don’t like, when she help you get back on your feet. You dump her for a stripper!

  • Gareth Morton 2 years ago

    Laughed so hard with that ad!! LOL 🙂 Loved it

  • myboibill 2 years ago

    You mean scumbag Hillary was drunk (again) getting into her car. How immoral does one have to be to back the low life amoral Clinton’s.

  • User Friendly 2 years ago

    When they go low, we beat them over their heads with sledgehammers.

  • Hobbs LockPickerofThievishBookSmarts 2 years ago

    A Contented Fiefdom:
    It’s ironic that they’re battling the Bible because they have this really “Old Testament” issue. It’s bony biogenesis of freaks out there. While I know the Bible is meant for savages (oh, and aren’t we all) I can’t help notice no subtlety ar clarity of mind and there are few who allude to a “Race of Men” like in LOTR. A people uncomfortable in their skin and minds have no place but in a Hell. I’ve played Lucifer long enough! There are strange obsessions of the normality in many songs. Sure, Pythagoras became a God. I’ve read many. But, I don’t think these egos qualify. This is truly a world and time where there is no honor amongst thieves. A regular man will be content without a woman. I’ve never really heard of one that was substantially anything. Many appear normal; a tall glamorous set. C’mon…you’re not fooling anyone who’s been outside. I’ll take the alchemy and Occult right out your Rabbi and the development of numbers out of the One God. That’s not the point. There is a genetic flaw in modern people, probably from centuries of drugs and opiates. If that’s not what it is then you’re some kind of prime number cicada. Hey, don’t drink the firewater, buddy. Things like struggling for years to understand the law of conservation in the thermodynamics. What is this? These are the weird people lost for years in the irrational numbers. Just cut off the non-repeating decimal already, okay?

  • Debbie L 2 years ago

    Shared in bc canada lol ?

  • kamuelalee 2 years ago

    Trump IS having small strokes with those speech slurs. My granddad had the same thing.

    Either that or Trump’s first language is not English, maybe he really only speaks Scumbag.

  • saxyrep1 2 years ago

    That pee tape though… ???

  • donkeydump63 2 years ago

    I honestly didn’t know whether to laugh or cry while watching that fake ad.

  • Kazino 2 years ago

    You liberals are truly sick… get over it… y’all can’t beat him no matter what y’all say or do!

  • Oliver Seiler 2 years ago

    You Democrats are already sooo low, losers will be losers. So salty, you have no idea what to do. Keep the salt and hate flowing. Thank you for your support! ?

  • ChargeCity 2 years ago

    Ahhhh Michael Avenatti, if there’s one person I want to see more come back into the democratic party than Hillary it’s him

  • Joe Schmoe 2 years ago

    Lol that’s not a good ad when the front runner is biden.

  • carolina peters 2 years ago

    Bill you should just grow up and stop being anti American weather you like it or not Trump is you President if it where not for morons like you Trump my not have been reelected but it going to happen four more years and I wouldn’t be surprised if one of his children run after that and also win then you get four more years of Trump again good luck this President isn’t going down the more the dumb ass Dems try the stronger Trump gets

  • Gor diz 2 years ago


  • funkyzero 2 years ago

    funny thing about this… filthy assed lying democrats have already been doing this shit for decades. you freaks already tried the whole “mentally incompetent” thing several times. and thats just the beginning. how many women were paid to accuse him of some sort of sexual assault so far? and each and every one of them fall off the list as they get caught, one by one. hell, you’ve tried “TWO SCOOPS!”, “PAPER TOWELS!” , “DIET COKE!!”, “KETCHUP ON HAMBURGERS!”, “TINY HANDS!”, “MUSHROOM DICK!”, “KOI FISH!”… geezus, I could go on all damned night. you people are despicable, and always have been. America rejects you… all of us deplorable clingers who can’t find Ukraine on a map with lines and spelling.
    So fuck off.. especially the DUmpasses reading this.

  • Kelvin Nieves 2 years ago

    Should’ve called their 100 witness in the house. 4 years of trump beating the democrats at everything they try.

  • RwalterMI 2 years ago

    Bill Maher you are human garbage .

  • Datriax Sondor 2 years ago

    The saddest part of this entire segment, is that the Drumpf ad, was actually genuine. Let that sink in for a moment.

  • Joseph Ranker 2 years ago

    The more you tweak Trump the more reckless and stupid his action become.


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