New Rule: Crass Dismissed | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)

Published on June 9, 2018

Bill warns that free speech is under fire from both ends of the political spectrum.

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  • Anthony Watson 2 weeks ago

    Fantastic as always Bill, we need you more than ever in this era of King Trump.

  • rivr crse 2 weeks ago

    Bill, fix your tie!

  • moonwalkingthroughlife 2 weeks ago

    Liberals stopped caring about the things that really matter while conservatives run around getting away with whatever they want.

  • Zachary Xavier 2 weeks ago

    I am a proud gay guy and I thought the “Uncle Steve Loves Cock” was hilarious. LOL LOL!!!!! The problem is, snowflakes on the left can’t learn to take a joke and you got the snowflakes on the right, who are even worse. People need to learn to take a joke for once.

  • RentonRC 2 weeks ago

    Spot on

  • James Harris 2 weeks ago

    This November we have a chance to start a reversal at the polls.

  • Sidilicious 2 weeks ago

    Another brilliant and scary segment.

  • Matt Soper 2 weeks ago

    You know you’re doing something right when both sides hate you.

  • Nestor Gonzalez 2 weeks ago

    This very good segment.

  • shofforth1 2 weeks ago

    Both sides have extremely crazed people

  • Chris Wolff 2 weeks ago

    Trump is a goddamned hypocrite. What’s new?

  • New Message 2 weeks ago

    When Donny heard what Sam said about Ivanka, he totally blew his top. He then demanded that his team start an immediate media blitz putting out the message that Ivanka is ‘Totally feckable, and she could feck anyone she wanted, whenever she wanted.. Believe me!’

  • Nikola Tesla 2 weeks ago

    “Conservatives govern without shame and liberals shame without governing”____there you have it

  • Mauricio Ugarte 2 weeks ago

    It’s so funny how liberals think are winning with twitts when we have the biggest Twitter of all, President Donald J Trump. I’m still not tired of winning, lol

  • brainflash1 2 weeks ago

    “Free speech” = Don’t censor the people we like, censor the people we don’t like.

  • Jones Jack 2 weeks ago

    Amen to that. Guys pull your heads out of your collective asses and remember to vote in November.


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