New Rule: Cancel Culture is Over Party | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)

Published on February 26, 2021

Bill calls on liberals to “stand their ground” when the woke mob comes for them over a ridiculous past offence.

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  • Sammy Bradley 2 months ago

    I’m genuinely asking.. technology is the key to this sensitivity. I think my compass is on point but what about Supreme Court Judge kavenaugh. ? What he that forgivable as a Supreme Court justice? He hasn’t disappointed me, I just don’t like him.. but there IS a person out there, living with what he did to her 20 years ago.
    On the other hand, there is a girl serving 12 years in jail for broadcasting her friend, being unconscious and raped on periscope and not telling anybody… so where’s the lines that are crossed. It’s hard to tell because now, there’s the internet.

  • Thomas Kaas 2 months ago


  • Christy Miller 2 months ago


  • tieja_burnew 2 months ago

    Bill was draining threes all throughout the night.

  • Rondough Howell 2 months ago

    Now people know how Colin Kaepernik and Roseanne Barr feels

  • Dean F. 2 months ago

    Lincoln is generally considered our best president, and these assholes want to cancel him? This is the kind of shit that helped get Trump elected in 2016–and might get him elected again in 2024.

  • Vlad65 2 months ago

    Yes, we all want social justice but the far left cancel machine will push a lot of the middle to the right. Guilt-Guilt-Guilt is not the way to build comfortable big-tent unity.

  • My Tale 2 months ago

    Leftwing SJWs have the most annoying childish mentality exactly like the rightwing conspiracy theorists.

  • Tru S Armor 2 months ago

    dude is so full of shit

  • stuntman 2 months ago

    Nice little glimpse of Ezra Klien having a nervous laugh there. I’ll bet that bit would have been 10x better if the camera was on him for the entire segment.

  • Evan Kolpack 2 months ago

    I was worried Bill would surrender to the “justice” mob. Clearly I underestimated this man. Love ya Bill! #firstagainstthewall

  • Alex Dashkoff 2 months ago

    Good on you bill, we need to keep being intolerant against this. This shit is retarded

  • Sias Jordaan 2 months ago

    Agreed x 3000

  • D COSBY 2 months ago

    Sorry but celebrities that took jobs to be the public face of property’s can’t cry about losing there job because harming it.
    If a swimsuit model gained weight Bill would be the first person to say they should be replaced for not fitting the image of property there selling.

  • Glenn Heston 2 months ago

    And the one culture that’s going to be canceled is the white culture.

  • no yes 2 months ago

    hey Bill, the silence is, well … does it mean, it IS, happening, even if you refuse to, not, not hear IT.
    that applause is real, just not deafening.

  • PETTY officer 2 months ago

    Yeah no Justin Timberlake is cancelled

  • skillcoiler 2 months ago

    Well I can honestly say I have never laughed at a Woody Allen movie…. I never understood how he is a thing. So does that mean I am woke now?

  • John Andersen 2 months ago

    Someday maybe we’ll all wake up to the fact that this is all just a dream that we got too attached to. Duality and materiality only created so there would be something to do, some place to go, and someone to do it with.

  • aquaponics 2 months ago

    If those “woke” people ever stumble across a re-run of an Archy Bunker or Sanford & Son episode, they will clutch their pearls and faint…LOL


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