New Rule: Avatar Time with Bill Maher | Real Time (HBO)

Published on November 12, 2021

Bill explores Mark Zuckerberg’s vision for the “Metaverse” and worries that if we get ourselves too far away from reality, we won’t be able to find our way back.

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  • Jonathan Wotka 2 years ago

    Why is it the men he’s shitting on here?
    Let’s be real: in the exchange of sex in our society and culture, women hold almost all the cards, and with the prevalence of social media and swipe culture they aren’t showing them for shit anymore. Women are the gate keepers. It’s not about living at home or sitting on the couch. There are people with good jobs who are nice who don’t get laid or find girlfriends because they’re not a 7 or higher in attractiveness. Your typical woman gets dozens of messages/matches in the first few days of online dating, to the point that they have the choice of whatever they want. Your typical guy who isn’t attractive or rich is luck to get ten in a year. Or ever. You can’t approach women in public anymore, that’s harassment. Gillette told me so in their “end toxic masculinity” ad.

    Where’s the incentive in marriage where over half end in divorce and the woman initiates 70+% of them and then, depending on the state, gets half his shit? Mel Gibson lost over 400 million in a divorce to a woman whom he was married to for less than 20 years. Pretty poor ROI right there for ol’ Mel.

    Dating is hard today, Bill. It’s tiring to go on dates, to tell your story, over and over, to have to learn to separate the fakes from the crazies from the genuine people and even then they still end up being sociopaths or catfish or they own four cats and they dye their hair pink and have large, unattractive tattoos and septum piercings. “Oh joy. Your clear depression and mental illness is an appealing sign in a mate. Tell me more.” And please don’t think I’m being condescending. Women are drinking more. A lot more, and the number of female alcoholics is rising. Mental illness is rising. More and more women under 30 are seeking therapy or meds. It’s especially bad in teenagers, who then grow up to be maladjusted adults.

    It used to be that women would marry upwards in society. It was one of the real, acceptable ways for marriages to happen and for women to gain untold resources. Assistant and boss, doctor and nurse. People used to meet and date and marry from their jobs. Power imbalance be damned, because it wasn’t always about free love and endless, guilt free, responsibility free sex and the coercion that it led to. It used to be about starting a family. Getting married. Having kids. Now women won’t marry up because they don’t want to be with someone who happened to be “privileged” in the slightest by being born middle class and having two parents in a loving marriage. Now that shit is uncool, conservative, and out dated and worst of all, bad for the environment. The nuclear family? That’s supporting heteronormativity and capitalism according to o progressives and BLM.

    So fuck that, Bill. The society that you and your hollywood leftist friends and academics have wrought sucks. People don’t want to participate. THey’re checking out. Why bother? Porn is abundant. Prostitution and sex work are legit occupations that should be respected and encouraged. Just ask Steven Spielberg. What’s the point of sex with a shitty ass person who isn’t fun to be around?

    You’re the problem, Bill, and blaming people who refuse to play your games is just going to make things worse. I’m not trying to shit on women here, but there’s been a cultural shift with online dating that is not being discussed, and it comes down to 90% of each sex vying for the top 10% of the available pool. Our culture is broken, and while Bill seems to understand this, he clearly fails to understand why.

  • Frank Semonious 2 years ago

    I got over human contact in 1978. I don’t miss them and they don’t miss me.

  • M Roth 2 years ago

    Hitting the nail on the head!

  • Nadia Merkouris 2 years ago

    Hey thanks need to hear that

  • john glencorse 2 years ago

    Phony Adam Schiff in the building y’all

  • OTPulse 2 years ago

    Get rid of no fault divorce, Alimony & child support. Then men might start paying attention to women again, and women will start being more cautious stop going for the bad boy womaniser who pump’n’dump. Until then nothing will change.

  • Stuee 2 years ago

    I remember 25 years ago when you were called a mummies boy and weirdo because you didn’t own a house or have a mortgage, or rent and still lived at home at the age of 21.
    It was like the mortgage and real estate industries turned social commentators (like Bill) into salesmen, to create social pressure on young people to kill themselves, to buy their products, making a whole generation of young people feel inadequate and terrible.
    Economies seem to be based on this fingerjabbing at the young stuff.
    It is like if people suddennly realise “actually I have no kids and responsibilities, fuck it” the whole society would collapse.
    Everyone has a life. You are alive, you have a may not ge the life others would chose, but fuck them.

  • barfyman 362 2 years ago

    Bill is turning into Andy Rooney

  • My Info 2 years ago

    No way in hell I am talking to a girl. Did you see the #metoo movement? Virtual girls actually like me… or, so I am told. 😛

  • Eluminary Xarrais 2 years ago

    Women Don’t want “in cell”s to shave take a shower and ask them out they just want the harassment and death threats to stop. Having other things to do other than interacting with people in the real world is a good thing for everyone.

  • alex pastor 2 years ago

    I like talking to alexa!!!!

  • Willem de Wilde 2 years ago

    2nd life ftw XD

  • james mitch 2 years ago

    “WoKe BaD Mkay” -bill the boomer

  • Peter Coderch 2 years ago

    Bill Maher isa dumb Boomer that just doesn’t get it. It has nothing to do with men playing games. It has everything to do with women having completely unrealistic standards when it comes to men, courtesy of dumb liberalism exemplified by feminism, the whole “girl power” where every “5” girl thinks she is a “10” and deserves her won Christian Grey. And guys that are Incels are incels, as the word states, not because they haven’t tried, but because they have been rejected again and again and again. And its funny how it’s always men who are to blame for everything, and women don’t have to prove themselves at all. Women never have to prove themselves to them. It’s only men that have ST to prove all the time.

  • lordnmaster2 2 years ago

    This is a great way to get a lot of men in the hospital after being pepper sprayed for approaching the wrong woman.

  • Dudley Dude 2 years ago

    For years, Bill has promoted prostitution as a preferred method of sexual encounter. How do you “be a hero” when you’re paying them for it?


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