New Rule: America’s Mass Delusion | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)

Published on February 5, 2021

It’s fun to laugh at QAnon, but if you accord religious faith the kind of exalted respect we do here in America, you’ve already lost the argument that mass delusion is bad.

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  • Dan D Doty 2 years ago

    Wait a minute. The Democrats for four years claimed the 2016 election was stolen, had investigations, held an impeachment trial over it. Now some people are saying the 2020 election was stolen, and the Democrats are saying those people are delusional and they have to get over it. You got to be fucking kidding me. The word hypocrite doesn’t even come to describing what’s going on here. The only I can predict that will happen over the next four years is when the Democrats fuck up they’ll all say the same thing; its Trump’s fault.

  • Tylernol 88 2 years ago

    Very misinformed and wrong interpretation of the book of revelation, I agree that religion and politics should not mix. Jesus says that he’s kingdom was no part of the world , you must obey God rather than man .

  • volkrays99 2 years ago

    I thought QAnon was crazy…until I read the QUran

  • Rachel Gallagher 2 years ago

    Are they really religious? have any of them looked at a bible or gone to church? Oh the church of WWF that’s right✌♥️ from Montana

  • S Khan 2 years ago

    It’s not religion, its how some Americans view religion. There are plenty of countries that have religion and don’t believe their leader is sent by god to save them.

  • MrStGeorgeIllawarra 2 years ago

    I’ve always said the Bible should be sold next to Beowulf and Grimm’s Fairy Tales.

  • Tina Yang 2 years ago

    Thank God for comidy.

  • r3drift 2 years ago

    Finally a good take from Bill where he doesn’t try to win over moderates dems and repugs

  • 836 Studios 2 years ago

    Don’t call the video “New Rule”, if you’re going to just give us the last one.

  • DAVID LEAMAN 2 years ago

    Get this. Trump claims that he is still president and his lawyers argue that you can’t impeach him because he is no longer president.

  • Chris Leedham 2 years ago

    isnt christianity against idolatry

  • Leech Life 2 years ago

    This is exactly what needs to be said right now. Again and again.

  • gardinselmer 2 years ago

    Religious extreamism in America….? And these morrons denounce and hate muslims out of pure ignorance.

  • Mr. Davenport 2 years ago

    Ffs Bill Maher’s off his meds again. We all know the qanon shamen is into Shamanism not Christianity and that Donald Trump is an atheist whereas Joe Biden is a Catholic and kamila Harris a Baptist.

  • Canadian Person 2 years ago

    Yes. I love it when Bill gets his atheist on.

  • Charles Bronson 2 years ago

    Its true. Religion has no more legitimacy than Santa, The boogie man or any “God”. Its a for profit service. Mega churches with state of the art science in them came from religious idiots opening their wallets. Thats why they have excellent lighting, projectors and sound systems. Not from god, from the money of blind followers. But as long as your not hurting anyone i dont care. But how many stormed the capitol also are Sunday churchgoers that supposedly believe in god and being good? Sad. Sad that money isn’t in my pocket. Maybe Ill start a religion. 🤣

  • San-Go 2 years ago

    Triggered trumpists represent Peak Snowflake…

  • Breanna Zumhof-Harthan 2 years ago

    Oh my gawd! The Nostradamus Effect was even replicating Trump’s image into renaissance artwork before the election. They have him depicted as a fallen angel.

  • Bon Scott 2 years ago

    Finally somebody in america had the balls to call it as it is

  • Ben Higgins 2 years ago

    So true


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