New Rule: American Carnage | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)

Published on May 13, 2022

“I’ll keep the shit to shoe level” is a powerful campaign theme when voters are feeling that things are descending into lawlessness.

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  • KillingItForYears 11 months ago

    It’s been like this in South Africa since 1994. Welcome to the club 🎭

  • Gyre Brillig 11 months ago

    Oh yeah… blame the homeless for the BLACK criminal element. News flash Bill, the homeless can’t afford baseball or airline tickets. Cops won’t do anything because they’ll go to jail if they do.

  • darksideblues86 11 months ago

    But you wanted this remember? Democracy is about the want of the collective and the collective want crime without punishment

  • Jennifer Hizzy 11 months ago

    And what happened in 2020 , umm duh I don’t know.

  • Archibald Harper 11 months ago

    Wow Bill is becoming Fox News. Quote 2020 stats then show Trump like he wasn’t in office in 2020. Guess it’s the need to appeal to the far right with his new podcast business, sad.

  • Saint Martins 11 months ago

    When the cost of living goes up….crime goes up. 80% of of what a person makes in a month goes straight to housing costs & not much for anything else. People are frustrated & angry at politicians who pretend to care, to get elected, but stop caring when they get elected.

  • Trent Kleinkopf 11 months ago

    Hey Bill you and other personalities have had your own part in all of this

  • Louis Paquet 11 months ago

    Welcome to the MAGA world …

  • Garrett Olson 11 months ago

    when a rich guy mocks poor people.
    why are people so poor, bill?
    enjoy your grub-hub french fries.

  • Dave Fischer 11 months ago

    All the more reason to work remote lol

  • Maxine Freeman 11 months ago

    Criminals know the DA’s aren’t going to bring charges against them. I’m glad you’re telling this.

  • Mike Donovan 11 months ago

    Rick Steves advises people to leave their windows and glove compartments open when parking cars in Paris.

  • Omar Santana 11 months ago

    this rant was all complaints and no solutions. what’s really sad is that Bill understands a bunch of the underlying issues of crime. i bet he even gets that implementing solutions to those issues & waiting for those efforts to bear fruit takes time, even though he doesn’t mention that part. he just wants things to get better NOW NOW NOW. somebody get this rich guy his bottle.

  • Jay Baker 11 months ago

    If you make People feel like outsiders, they are not going to care about you.
    If you make People poor, no matter how hard they work, they are not going to behave.

  • First Lady Pie 11 months ago

    You all blaming the president, you all blame yourself.
    You grow up your children like that.
    The seed you sew, children don’t have any respect you give children rights over parents and elders
    If you reprimand them, cps cum for you or take them, well it better you take them.
    Because I bring them in this world I’ll @@@@ them out.
    We use to get punishment and beating and our generation wasn’t like these disgusting generations

  • pipper donnie 11 months ago

    This is a classic example why Bill Maher is a pseudo intellectual.
    Everything he say is “reactionary” Wow, crime is up! what a surprise!
    Real socialist liberal like me knew what was about to come back in 2019.

    Google: Hyperinflation is Already Here – You Just Haven’t Realized It Yet.
    Trump administration in 4 years printed so much U.S. dollar and dump it into wall street banks. The value of the dollar drop and hyperinflation is here.

    Google: The Fed Has Pumped $9 Trillion into Wall Street Over the Past Six Months, But Mnuchin Says “This Isn’t Like the Financial Crisis”
    2019 Since September 17, 2019 – six months ago, the Federal Reserve has loaned billions of dollars to Wall Street every single business day that the stock market has been open. This is the first time this has been necessary since the financial crisis of 2008. That fact, in and of itself, makes this very much on a par with the financial crisis of 2008.

    Since the Fed began its repo loan operations on September 17, the tally of the Fed’s cumulative loans to Wall Street’s trading firms comes to more than $9 trillion (using the Fed’s own Excel spreadsheet of the data; you have to manually remove the Reverse Repo dollar amounts.)

    According to the Fed audit conducted by the Government Accountability Office (GAO), from December 12, 2007 to July 21, 2010, a period spanning more than 31 months during the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression, the Fed’s cumulative loans to Wall Street tallied up to $16.1 trillion. (See chart below from the GAO audit.)

    And here we are today, when everyone from Fed Chairman Jerome Powell to bank analyst Mike Mayo is telling the public that the banks have plenty of capital and yet the Fed has pumped out 56 percent in six months of the amount it funneled to the Wall Street banks over 31 months during the 2008 financial crisis. At this rate, it is going to top the money it threw at the 2008 crisis in no time at all.

    That’s no exaggeration. Just this past Thursday the Fed said it would make $1.5 trillion available to Wall Street over just the next two days. The banks didn’t take all of that money but the Fed clearly thought there was a big enough crisis to offer it.

    The Fed’s balance sheet is back to $4.3 trillion, just $200 billion short of the $4.5 trillion peak it set following the financial crisis.

    While the Fed was providing that $16.1 trillion to Wall Street during the financial crisis at super cheap interest rates, traders and executives of the mega banks were being rewarded with multi-million bonuses. Contrast that to the announcement that JPMorgan Chase’s Board recently rewarded Jamie Dimon, its Chairman and CEO, with a $30 million pay package. That largess comes despite the fact that the bank is under its fourth criminal probe by the Department of Justice, all while Dimon has sat at the helm. Two of the prior criminal investigations resulted in the bank pleading guilty to three separate felony counts. One of the criminal probes, into turning its precious metals desk into a criminal racketeering enterprise, is ongoing.

    So after Goldman Sachs took the trillions of FED money dump in Nov 2019 with Trump’s blessing.
    What did Goldman Sachs do?

    Google: Deutsche Bank sells $50 billion in assets to Goldman Sachs amid overhaul – source Nov 2019
    They bought toxic mortgage assets in Deutsche Bank who have a history of working with Russian mobsters, but Why you ask????

    Google: Goldman Sachs: The Most Evil Bankers in the World (why FED allow Goldman Sachs to choose the banks to dump money into)

    Google: Donald Trump Has At Least $1 Billion In Debt, More Than Twice The Amount He Suggested (debt with Deutsche Bank)
    That’s why! Trump has a history of receive money from Russian mob as business investment. His FAIL BUSINESSES!!

    (A) FED drump 9 trillion into Wall Street Banks with steven mnuchin and trump’s blessing.
    (B) Goldman Sachs took that money from the FED and bought $50 billion dollars worth of “TOXIC MORAGE ASSETS” from Deutsche Bank.
    (C) The same debt that Trump owe to Deutsche Bank.
    (D) Google: Former Goldman exec behind Epstein townhouse buy: report 2021. The so call sex tapes of trump and Clinton with girls was in that house?

  • E Sinclair 11 months ago

    Homeless people “HAHAhA”

  • whatsnew 11 months ago

    Who is that idiot who laughs without he completing the sentence?

  • Sean Drew 11 months ago

    Eradicate the left

  • Ruben Duran 11 months ago

    Its good to know that one guy overlaughing in the audience still has a job with Real Time.


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