New Rule: America Rules, Trump Drools | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)

Published on October 8, 2016

In in editorial new rule, Bill Maher urges Democrats to stop conceding the Republican narrative that America is a country that needs drastic change, and reminds us that the facts tell a different story.

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  • Hector Gomez 3 years ago

    Pitbull stfu

  • Daniel Ostaszewski 3 years ago

    You just have to love how Bill grabs Trump’s pussy every single friday…

  • Dreams of Priapia 3 years ago

    Bill Maher is my political spirit animal.

  • Artur Ghambaryan 3 years ago


  • treeof 89 3 years ago

    just watch when the establishment is blown on november 8th. and we have a
    real hero in the oval office.

  • maggie siskin 3 years ago

    Dick Cheney is still alive…..unfortunately lol

  • The One & Only 3 years ago

    Bill you are a legend

  • akeleven 3 years ago

    bill, you are frightfully ignorant. you have to come down from this city
    floating in the sky where everything’s fine because everybody’s rich and
    find out that about 25% of the population is dirt poor. but they are
    invisible to you so shut the hell up!

  • rurutu M 3 years ago

    New rule. Red pandas are awesome

  • goku8621 3 years ago

    Trump supporters love blaming everything on Obama like no its not his fault
    your wife left you and your dick is little

  • Cunncuts 3 years ago

    Bill fans, I think you will love my Trump Rap vid.

  • New Message (Unread) 3 years ago

    “They know, they just don’t care’.. Exactly. We do ourselves a disservice
    convincing ourselves that they ‘don’t understand how dangerous he is’..
    they do. They hope he tears it all down. They are the kind of folks who
    stockpile guns and pray for a zombie apocalypse, because they think they
    can rise to a higher social position if all that’s needed to ‘be the boss’
    is good aim. The ‘Base’ is a bunch of bullies who figured out high school
    really was the peak, because that way of conducting yourself cripples you
    socially in the adult world. They really see a ‘shoot ’em up’ world as the
    only one where they can have the power they think they should have.

  • jeff4justice 3 years ago

    2 party system apologist BS.

  • Ian Schmitt 3 years ago

    you gotta love how Bill fundamentally thinks a loud mouth douch bag is
    worse than a murderer

  • bendernik 3 years ago

    I know maher really doesnt want trump to win. However, maher used to
    actually challenge clinton on her integrity and politics… now he just
    licks her ass or pretends she “didn’ du nuffin”

  • Charlie Brown 3 years ago

    PRESIDENT 2PAC AMARU SHAKUR FOR 2016 and beyond!!!

  • j jay 3 years ago

    Yes Bill tell the 70 million on welfare they are misinformed . and the
    millions that have looked for jobs for 3 years are misinformed .

  • Alex M 3 years ago

    That ending was perfect.

  • j jay 3 years ago

    Bill you sit there and accuse us of thinking president hillary is certain
    death but you have done nothing but imply electing trump is the same thing
    .Every week you have said it will be the end .what a fucking hypocrite

  • randomflashbacks 3 years ago

    This country is going to hell, and Trump’s helping take it there.


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