New Rule: America Has a Drinking Problem | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)



  • Francisco Lopez 5 months ago

    It wasn’t the pandemic, that caused these problems. It was government lockdowns.

  • Timothy Starks 5 months ago

    We were locked down…what else are we gonna do…

  • Jonathan Acs 5 months ago

    The amount of places that sell booze is not the problem. Look at europe. You can buy booze literally everywhere where they sell beverages. Still, drinking is a lot less of a problem here than it seems to be in the Us

  • Ectraordinary 5 months ago

    Yes!,,, is so true!…..drinking is a way to go away from ,any problems.
    Trump era is the escape for this liberal pigs …when they will take some responsibility on this.
    Liberals stop hating Trump.
    Now is your problem ,please take responsibility!

  • Cindygr8ce 5 months ago

    I quit drinking in 2008 when my first kid was born. I can’t handle being hung over around kids but yeah alcohol is everywhere. My point is Bill, you should have pointed out that historically people drank booze since water was generally not clean especially in large populations so they had an excuse

  • Lawrence Hawk 5 months ago

    See when Cecily kept splashing Colin and also went in a giant glass and did it again. 🍷 🍺 🤤

  • Barbara Lynn Joy 5 months ago

    I’m drunk as F now 🍷

  • Ritu Balle 5 months ago

    Ban Alcohol. Every use Cannabis & Magic Mushrooms

  • zealandzen 5 months ago

    We need a positive attitude. Start in the schools. They’re bummers.

  • Dani B 5 months ago

    Booze is to 2021 what cigarettes were to the 70’s, and just as much a health risk.

  • Arnold Bailey 5 months ago

    Excessive alcohol is a self correcting issue. Natural selection will take care of it.

  • Ashley Esparza 5 months ago

    I moved to Italy from the US 12 years ago. Every time I go back to visit I am shocked at how much Americans drink. They can’t even host a children’s birthday party without all the moms downing Chardonnay. It’s bizarre.

  • David 5 months ago

    About 30% of traffic-related deaths in America are caused by alcohol- impaired drivers. College campus hazing deaths related to alcohol consumption is sadly very common. Domestic abuse is fueled by alcohol. Drinking is fun, relaxing, and sophisticated.

  • Justin Fuller 5 months ago

    Ya, when you’re cooped up and made to muzzle yourself, idk why human beings, as the psychosocial critters we are wouldn’t react like those people that are being apparently clowned on…. but if you want to see the change we all want, mandate the Sabbath (a day of rest where booze and other services/products aren’t available). It’s good for people to rest. Europe has 6wks of vacation and much more free time- and increased efficiency- which all go together and are good for ourselves, our communities, our nations, and our planet.
    Wanna change climate change. Day of rest.
    Wanna have less mental health problems? Day of rest. The list goes on….

    Rest from wants and consumerism, technological, or other, addictions, and their psychosocial analogs and cultural instantiations is the measure of Health and Wealth in civilization.

  • elmueador 5 months ago

    I hate it when he’s right. Thank Odin it’s not me this time.

  • Vigo theCarpathian 5 months ago

    So the rest of the country has caught up to Wisconsin?

  • Girlfromdownunder 5 months ago

    Not Melania 😂

  • Brandon Johnson 5 months ago

    Lol life must have really been hard back in the day, even little Jimmy at 4:59 is getting shit faced.

  • Jason Wexler 5 months ago

    Just to play devil’s advocate, there is a difference between having a drink and being a drunkard (says the teetotaler). If it is possible to drink responsibly, it ought to be possible to drink responsibly in the mid afternoon, at the movies, or at the zoo. I agree drinking at the store is a little odd to me, but should still be potentially harmless.

    The hard cider at the door, was because water wasn’t potable back then.

    I get his larger point, about anxiety and disconnectedness, but that just makes the irresponsible drinking a symptom not the problem itself.


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