New Rule: 100% That Mitch | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)

Published on February 8, 2020

In his editorial New Rule, Bill calls out Republicans over their undemocratic behavior and warns that when republics fall, they do so quietly.

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  • Canderous Ordo 2 years ago

    It’s all fun and games until A FREAK SOLAR FLARE destroys Alderaan.

  • pittarak1 2 years ago

    USA = the greatest ‘banana republic’ in the world. sad but now true, thanks to Trump, GOP and Trumpists.

  • Robert Silvers 2 years ago

    So let’s break out the guillotine and make them.

  • Duane Thamm 2 years ago

    Bill speaks basic common sense. I feel like I am in the Twilight Zone since half the country is brainwashed by lies…it is like they don’t even pay attention…just follow a giant asshole.

  • M Clarke 2 years ago

    War is peace
    Freedom is slavery
    Ignorance is strength

  • Mohammad Nure Alam 2 years ago

    Never seen Bannon is excited much like this. He is usually calm. What a week for Republicans!

  • Space-Cadet David 'Spanky Bonespurs' Dennison : 2 years ago

    Amy Klobuchar’s going to be so disappointed…

  • M Simpson 2 years ago

    Jerry Jr. can go live on Epstein’s rape island; I’m sure Drumpf can show him around.

  • Ganiscol 2 years ago

    Yea, dont just cheer and applaud! Go vote the likes of #MoscowMitch out in November!

  • Nick Lavigne 2 years ago

    Pete “I’m not going to answer that at this time” Buttigieg

  • Andreas karlsson 2 years ago

    The problem with the angry mob behind bernie is that they rather fight the dnc than the gop. ?

  • Wolfboss7 2 years ago

    This…is probably the most accurate summary of the nation’s current situation that I’ve ever seen. Bill’s right, this isn’t the “army marching down the streets” dictatorship, this is “silent” dictatorship that’s ten times worse.

  • Mr. X 2 years ago

    Mitch looks like Yertle the Turtle.

  • farmer 1 1 2 years ago

    I wonder if this guy really believes what he spews. I think he’s a nut.

  • Mike Orr 2 years ago

    I wash my hands of Bill. I try to keep him around because he helps keep me out of a liberal bubble, but hes become the bubble. The DNC and Pete just stole the media bump and possibly the vote in Iowa and Bill says, “I like Pete” and “Bernie controls an angry mob”. “They’ll fight Hillary, but it’s a start”.
    Fuck you Bill. This is why the Dems loose. You want to put up moderate, republican lite, Amy and Mayor Cheat when Bernie rallys the most votes in even the redder states like Iowa. I begrudgingly voted Hillary because she was better than Trump. But if you want the bulk of the base to vote, give them something they want, not something they are force fed to settle with.
    Bill, I’ve loved you. But sometime since Trump became president, you broke and became an establishment hack. This is no better than watching CNN anymore. Invite Donna Brazile on again wont ya? At least those episodes clearly define how much you have sold out.
    I miss old Bill, peace.

  • mars laredo 2 years ago

    Sorry Bill, squatters rights ain’t a thing anymore. tRUMP can’t barricade himself in the WH. He can’t use the military to surround the WH. His fat, unindicted co-conspirator ass will have to leave & face the SDNY.

  • Toasted Cheeseburger 2 years ago

    America Is A Huge Pile Of Dried Turds.. I Never Thought I Would Be Saying That About My Country And Home

  • mike h 2 years ago

    I think if trump loses he’ll eventually leave because he already spends more time at his golf course and if anything he’ll go there and throw a tantrum. The idea of him being locked in the white house would drive him nuts especially if the new president changed the Wi-Fi password and he couldn’t tweet

  • Kryptonarie 2 years ago

    The Repubdecon Constitution!!!

  • Kip Paseo 2 years ago

    Yes republicans hate democracy that’s why they’re always tearing down the Constitution And constantly reminding us how evil , racist, Sexist, e and Homophobic we are. Oh wait that’s not the republicans that’s the democrats. BTW the democrats are gonna lose in November???


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