New GoFundMe Project: A Border Wall

Published on March 28, 2018

First, Trump promised that Mexico would pay for the border wall. Now he insists the military should cover the cost. What’s next, a bake sale?

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  • Joaquin Turek 8 months ago

    Hi stephen’s pr department

  • Rodney Cardona 8 months ago

    They want a wall, but don’t want to pay for it.

  • ecorico22 8 months ago

    Wow a minute ago! That’s insane

  • Moon Messiah 8 months ago

    Luv the Stephen.

  • NARUHOTEL 8 months ago

    I finally cracked and watched one of her pornos… and i finally realize… there is at least one thing about Trump I respect.

  • Sebastian Elytron 8 months ago

    If the wall were to have a kiss painting like the Berlin wall, who should Trump be kissing? Putin?

  • Adam Martin 8 months ago

    YES, finally. They finally figured out that the place they should go for funding are the idiots who voted for him in the first place. Let them pay for it their own dam selves!

  • Thankfull Friend 8 months ago

    Anyone with a brain knows Trump can’t build a “A big beautiful wall”, except his cult.

  • OneNewHope 8 months ago

    Flaw just got the Colbert bumb xD

  • Ben Ortiz 8 months ago

    Trumps tweets are a national disaster.

  • George D 8 months ago

    Wow, that band is about to get a shit ton of money out of nowhere.

  • S King 8 months ago

    hey heres a buck for the wall,get it from the gofuckyourself fund

  • Toad Jiang 8 months ago

    So far only two people whom Trump has never personally attacked : Putin and Stormy Daniels. The two have one thing in common: both of them allegedly have tapes on Trump.

  • Coolmaster X 8 months ago

    Flaw just got some free promo.

  • Nana Koranteng 8 months ago

    Today’s forecast: Stormy with a chance of infidelity!

  • He Was Fuzzy Wuzzy 8 months ago

    FLAW Just got themselves free nation wide advertising. LOL

  • KingOfMadCows 8 months ago

    Trump’s plan is a penta-con alright.

  • Jim Naylor 8 months ago

    Now I want to see the show at Spicoli’s.

  • Miguel Gordillo 8 months ago

    one funny thing not covered here is Trump’s tweet today on the “new border wall!” Those pictures are from repairs/renovations being done in 2008. you just **know** Trump’s staff was like “here you go, stable genius. images live from the scene.” to keep him happy.
    don’t worry, guys, now we know how Mexico will pay for the wall. through GOFUNDME!

  • James Burgess 8 months ago

    The president of the United States has opened a GoFundMe to build the wall.

    “Yea, Jesus…Hey, yea um, we need you down here bro.”


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