New Campbell’s Ad Angers A “Million” Moms



  • TheGiantBunnysaid 4 years ago

    “If I know one thing about my viewers is that you watch TV.”

    Not sure if that was a joke.

  • steelahhh 4 years ago

    As a proud offensive man I find this backlash extremely gay.

  • C.l. Ptt 4 years ago

    If 1 million moms should fuck off… does that make them 1 million milf ?

  • Martin Francis 4 years ago

    Aww Steve, it’s like you’re Don Draper.

  • Jay Lee 4 years ago

    Aww, I love you Stephen.

  • Steve27775 4 years ago

    Luke, I’m definitely your father; DNA doesn’t lie.

  • Chr1s 3l3v3n 4 years ago

    Let me tell you about something, about people and the times now-a-days,
    about what the human race has come to……we name our children Cooper!
    WTF! One million Helens would agree! KITH

  • ImLoaf 4 years ago

    I better not see a goddamn hiss or I’ll contract AIDS.

  • AYap 4 years ago

    campbells soup offends me cause it’s salty

  • Daniel Elijah 4 years ago

    smh keep marketing these to kids very soon you children will be born gays
    and be having marital relations with their parents….well thats happening
    and no ones saying anything…gaaaaaaaaaay!!!

  • KingOfMadCows 4 years ago

    One Million Moms. You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and

  • Joachim Schoder 4 years ago

    One million moms has 50k moms at best. But since they don’t give a shit
    about giving false witness anyway this fits with the rest of their

  • TheShadowWalker 4 years ago

    What’s a salty, thick liquid that men like?

    Campbell’s soup.

  • Jarin Udom 4 years ago

    That moment when Colbert realizes he’s a terrible father IRL

  • GreatSage 4 years ago

    Ad sucked,two gaylord annoys baby,who cries inside,why normal people didn’t
    adopt me?

  • bunnyblurrz 4 years ago

    One million moms are just angry cause they aren’t in the commercial.

  • KatayokoNoTenshi 4 years ago

    What are they going to do? Boycott? I mean even if there are a million of
    them they’re only like a quarter of one percent of the population. By all
    accounts they’re vastly outnumbered by gay people.

  • 3NGIN33R 4 years ago

    They left out a huge opportunity for one of them missing the kids mouth and
    making a stormtrooper joke.

  • ABONESR 4 years ago

    Imagine growing up with two dads who beat the heck out of you and fight all
    the time.

  • mariokarter13 4 years ago

    To their credit, at least One Million Moms was smart enough not to make the
    bullshit “gay couple = misogynist” argument.

  • Bernardo Grando 4 years ago

    i dont watch tv

  • kk P 4 years ago

    so many homophobic moms. Not sure which is more prevalent- racism or

  • Benjamin Hennessy 4 years ago

    My feels!

  • luckyjasonfan 4 years ago

    Stephen’s story about his morning is Sad! and people are laughing. He’s not
    spending Quality time with his wife and children because of this Damn show
    SMH :(

  • corgi films 4 years ago

    Where my reptilians at?

  • Torben Otten 4 years ago

    You should take a look at the Campbell’s Facebook page. Anti gay parents
    being angry is funny.

  • Varky93 4 years ago

    I don’t watch TV.

  • Trickier Hades 4 years ago

    Stephen got a little personal there. A dash of real emotion I saw. I like

  • Pissedoffpeasant 4 years ago

    What exactly is unnatural about two people loving each other and their
    child? That kid is damn lucky to have two parents that love him.

  • Iris in a Bottle 4 years ago

    ” I know all my viewers watch tv!”
    …I don’t.

  • fidorover 4 years ago

    I get the feeling One Million Moms is really just 3 church ladies who never
    married, never had kids, and think Pat Robertson is a dreamboat. Oh, and
    they’re really bad at counting how many people they are.

  • Nihilist Porcupine 4 years ago

    Aw, Stephen. That breakfast table story was so cute/sad. Cute and sad at
    the same time. But mostly cute. :’)

  • YarrBr0 4 years ago

    the strawberry was good

  • SZRLM 4 years ago

    Omg we can’t lose Colbert too. This is the reason we lost Stewart.

  • Kriemhild Schwarzwald (Mitenmujin) 4 years ago

    Yes the UNNATURAL MARRIAGE….that has been legalized only a few short
    months ago. Seriously, this basically proves that progress for LGBT rights
    is being made ,but at a slower rate than people think and even then LGBT
    discrimination won’t truly go away much like how racism hasn’t truly gone
    away since the Civil Rights Act.

  • Paul White 4 years ago

    Actually, I don’t watch TV, just watch all of Colbert’s stuff on YouTube.

  • Cinemaniac Jean 4 years ago

    where are the offensive comments? this is america isn’t it?

  • Lester Luczak 4 years ago

    An abundance of very funny & very poignant points made by Stephen Colbert.

  • TheJankren 4 years ago

    Mommy doesnt care if daddy never sits in that table as long as the money
    keeps flowin’! LOL

  • SyndexAwesome 4 years ago

    Can’t stand things like ‘One Million Moms’. We have one like that in the UK
    called ‘Net Mums’, and they can be fucking awful. They’re convinced they’re
    the wisest beings on the planet all because they’ve given birth. It’s so

  • Jim Fortune 4 years ago

    How many members does “A Million Moms” have? I’m guessing about 12.

  • stenbak88 4 years ago

    Fuck that commercial I will never use Campbell’s again

  • 1776 Never Forget 4 years ago

    Fucking faggots.

  • D.E. Brown 4 years ago

    Fuck Campbell’s soup and fuck this country. I’ll never buy another can from
    that queer baiting, piece of shit corporation. This whole country is
    turning fag! I could fucking throw up!

  • iglooo102 4 years ago

    Your viewers watch TV and I endorse this message. hahahahaha

  • Ali Dan 4 years ago

    I don’t watch TV, Just online videos.

  • Eric Ling 4 years ago

    I think Stephen is asking for a Vader voice modulator.

  • Dylan Chance 4 years ago

    Million moms = a sect of modern feminist psychology aka the Tyranny of a
    Shrill Minority .

  • Sam A 4 years ago

    That’s an awesome and loving commercial. Fuck everyone who is offended by

  • john tellnott 4 years ago

    1 million moms can suck my dick…

  • ha1e 4 years ago

    Wish whatever you want but a kid with two dads will have horrible life. He
    will be made fun of his whole life and have no friends or very fev friends
    because people will think hes weird. That is how reality is. A kid with two
    moms on other side will have much less problems and may even be better at
    finding friends then normal kids. No amount of dads can replace a mother,
    that is just a fact.

  • hoptop77 4 years ago

    It’s as if a million mums suddenly cried out in terror.

  • Sanders/ Warren 2016 4 years ago

    One million moms is just a bunch of 5 angry preachers.

  • Tyler Caldwell 4 years ago

    More dads = more dad jokes

  • syllpro 4 years ago

    I actually don’t watch TV

  • Daniel Taber 4 years ago

    “You watch TV”
    Unless we’re your fans who only watch it on Youtube.

  • Sada sivan 4 years ago

    “Nothing will Teach Campbell’s more than free publicity. If it wasn’t for
    one million moms, I wouldn’t have shown the whole commercial.”…Haha True.

  • Wily Werewolf 4 years ago

    i drink coffee to put me down in morning that how much i have the will for
    life – fuck weak motherfuckers and their pathetic crying

  • Mary M 4 years ago

    I want some Campbells now… <3

  • Matthew “Swabby” Sobol 4 years ago

    Colbert, you are the most liberal piece of shit I know

  • Nina D. 4 years ago

    Stephen’s story was kinda sad…

  • Matthew sdk 4 years ago

    no I don’t watch TV. I watch online

  • Cure Optimism 4 years ago

    That commercial was painfully cheesy but it’s utterly inoffensive

  • VitalVampyr 4 years ago

    You don’t know me Stephen.

    I don’t watch TV

  • George Tarantino 4 years ago

    One million moms are a bunch of sexualy frustrated housewifes,who get angry
    at every fucking thing!

  • Kenneth Villanueva 4 years ago

    That sudden realization of Stephen of how he doesnt get to spend time with
    his kids brought tears in my eyes.

  • Ipuntmidgets1 4 years ago

    It’s really funny that Stephen Colbert says that i watch TV and that he
    likes commercials to me a person who doesn’t own a TV and runs ad block for
    every non subscribed channel.

  • Ken MC2 4 years ago

    i don’t watch tv anymore, i watch youtube :)

  • Field Marshal Fry 4 years ago

    One Million Mums seem to be a bunch of stuck up bitches, they want the show
    Lucifer off the air because it’s about the devil

  • Rachel Poetz 4 years ago


  • TheDaddyshane 4 years ago

    Hell naw 2 da naw naw naw

  • User Error 4 years ago

    Fundamental Christian values? Nasty assed whores.

  • Patrick King 4 years ago

    The audience is painfully enthusiastic

  • Seth Wooten 4 years ago

    I was confused by this commercial at first. Not because I’m anti-gay.
    Because I have a biological father, ex-stepfather, and current stepfather.
    I’m willing to bet that some of the “million moms” kids are in the same
    situation. Good commercial, I’m for it.

  • ZhangtheGreat 4 years ago

    The second father’s better. He actually got the line right…okay, he added
    two extra no’s, but still =P =)

  • Marcellina Brown 4 years ago

    I’m a mom and I thought the ad was adorable. :-)

  • AprimalDwarf 4 years ago

    That is a very good advert.

  • onjoFilms 4 years ago

    Wrong. I don’t watch television. I told Comcast to fuck off with their
    price hikes. I also told them they could shove it up their ass. I watch you
    on the internets. Consider this a fan correction.
    Also, I’m getting a colonoscopy tomorrow. Any recommendations?

  • Harry Johnson 4 years ago

    im not real interested in the gay guy commercial for cambells because I
    dont like corporate propaganda programming about what people should beleive
    to sell soup.

  • bob smith 4 years ago

    This is the type of shit I can’t stand, purposefully forcing this shit down
    people’s throats at every possible turn. We all know this is the result of
    1 faggot in campbell’s PR department who has a severe persecution complex
    thought it’d be a great idea to display the fact that he enjoys shoving his
    dick in another man’s ass or having another man’s dick shoved in his ass
    with an entire commercial designed to say fuck-normal-people-families.

  • Tia Moore 4 years ago

    He does realize these guys are actors, right. I don’t think the guys in the
    commercial spend that much time with their kids either and aren’t very good

  • Genta 4 years ago

    god Tyler Oakley is freaking everywhere!
    But let’s gwt to the real issue these women are upset about.. not being
    allowed to eat Star Wars campbells soup because Star Wars is for boys and
    if they ate it they might become gender confused. The majority of them are
    wondering around the Target toy aisles lost & confused while screaming “why
    won’t men love me?! why did he have to be gay!” ??

  • t500010000 4 years ago

    Am I the only one who those guys were bro’s and not gay? Guys like Star
    Wars and soup too you know… Did even the kid know those were his two dads
    he looks confused lol

  • NovaSeraAngel | The Catholic Gamer 4 years ago

    I don’t know. I think that ad was stupid and retarded. Yes I know a few gay
    people who are married but still this ad is retarded

  • AmarNathan 4 years ago

    It would be weird to grow up with 2 dads and no mom; I would think
    something would be missing in the child’s life without a mom just like
    growing up without a father; I dont think a kid should be allowed to be
    adapted unless they have 2 married man and women.

  • Vastasiya 4 years ago

    I’m glad I do not subscribe to a TV package, because then my family would
    see such commercials.

  • TheLastInferno 4 years ago

    Saying you don’t find it offensive is redundant- everyone obviously knows
    your views. This pattern of making a controversial ad/comical statement/
    organization trivial as long the political message conforms to your views,
    and having a stern, “heartwarming”, and sympathetic statement when a
    political message is against your views is to be manipulative. Absolutely
    take a stance but, at least weigh in your arguments with consistency.

  • Michael Johnson II 4 years ago

    I don’t have anything against anybody…. but there’s no need for my
    fandom, Star Wars, to be associated with controversy. It’s not even real so
    leave it the hell alone!

  • adamcastelsay 4 years ago

    Props to Cambells for not just throwing away couple in their ad for the
    sake of throwing a gay couple in their ad. It actually served a funny
    purpose with the Darth Vader father joke. It doesn’t feel like they’re just
    beating is over the head, trying to send the message that they are
    progressive (in the social way, not Progressive as in their rival soup

  • 84chevypickup 4 years ago

    oh Stephen. that ending killed my with laughter. hahahahahaha
    with no mom around, kids eat canned dinners, and daddys breath smells like
    shit from eating his lovers asshole all day. hahahha

  • Neal X 4 years ago

    Is it weird that I didn’t even realize that was a gay couple at first? I
    was just like, “oh, his geek friend is there helping the dad feed his
    son… for some reason.”

  • Northborn513 4 years ago

    So I guess they don’t want gays eating Cambell’s Soups? maybe 1 million
    moms would like to round all the gays up and put them In a camp somewhere,
    man the rightwing is just kicking and screaming while being dragged into a
    modern civilized world where we don’t lynch gays or black/white couples.

  • Christian Rankin 4 years ago

    Not gonna lie, it was a little “gorilla-in-the-roomishly” creepy seeing the
    kid between those too dudes…

    Feel free to say the most hateful and/or malicious thing you can think of
    just because I say that I don’t like something! Also, don’t forget to
    assume the worst about me and try to lynch me “angry mob” style…

  • Scrumshiz 4 years ago

    If we can build light-speed engines fueled by Youtube hate, that galaxy
    won’t be far, far away much longer.

  • Potatohead827 4 years ago

    if that person in the audience whistles one more goddamn time i swear

  • spb 4 years ago

    That was a great commercial!

  • good afternoon 4 years ago

    you can see the kid actor looking off camera to his real mom and dad
    thinking, “the heck is going on here?”

  • azure blue 4 years ago

    maybe mom plays around

  • mk17173n 4 years ago

    Its better to have two loving dads then a mother and father who hate each


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