Nevada Is Out Of Weed And It’s A State-Sanctioned Emergency

Published on July 15, 2017

The average emergencies requires a call to 911. The appropriate number for Nevada’s state of emergency, on the other hand, is closer to 420.

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  • Aidan K 3 years ago


  • Underweight Sumo 3 years ago

    Best weed in Vegas is at ShowGrow. Such high quality.

  • Bria Penn 3 years ago

    “I’m vegan right now.”
    ” *You go to hell!* ”

  • AKmanKA 3 years ago

    Shit I know a guy that could help them out.

  • marya _ 3 years ago

    *He Is Risen.*

  • Luke Guilfoyle 3 years ago

    colbert for president

  • marya _ 3 years ago

    Again. Stephen is a proper example that you can be a person of faith and joke about your faith as well.

  • Psyché Roadtrip 3 years ago

    State of emergency because they won’t have enough for cancer patients.

    Details… Colbert.

  • Darth Revan 3 years ago

    It is clear that it is an emergency if a state is running out of weed, simply due to the fact that you can not handle the news at the moment without being high als fuck

  • Bella Cobbs 3 years ago

    Where’s Snoop at?

  • Heath McCasland 3 years ago

    Texas needs to fucking legalize weed. Fuck these politicians who think it’s okay to ban a natural plant.

  • Ebony Hagans-Greene 3 years ago

    Wow, that’s a lot of initial income for those Nevada dispensaries.

    Seems like they really *_weeded_* out their target demographic.

  • Kay D 3 years ago

    without weed how will people cope with trump being president?

  • Jason Bean 3 years ago

    Jesus, I was visiting an acquaintance a few nights ago and he insisted I eat a brownie.. it didn’t taste of weed, but I nearly passed out.. his dogs had to comfort me.. maybe it was some of that Nevada weed?

  • Matthew Naylor 3 years ago

    As a Nevadan I take great offense to the beginning. I have the right to smoke weed with my hookers while playing the fucking game of thrones machine. And yes, it is an emergency, a HUGE emergency if me and my fellow brothers of sex and gambling can’t get high legally. ( I don’t mean any of this, so don’t start yelling at me about your fucking beliefs)

  • MBA2804 3 years ago

    Hit 2 a couple of times. Thank me later for the minutes of entertainment


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