Net Neutrality Update: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (Web Exclusive)

Published on May 14, 2017

John Oliver discusses the recent flood of comments posted on the FCC’s website.

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  • Mini Mitch tv 10 months ago

    I clicked off of porn to see this.

  • Kieran Stanley 10 months ago

    John Oliver is my uterus.

  • Container173 10 months ago

    how the fuck do people get here so early? Only I’m allowed to do that

  • Gabriel González C 10 months ago

    8 visits, 728 likes

  • Ja of the Cob 10 months ago

    Hey, why does John’s fingers still look like spiders?

  • Mysterious Lurker 10 months ago


  • RedTailedDolphin 10 months ago

    Another great video, Steve. I’m always impressed and amused by your bits, and the fact that you made a video specifically for the internet is really cool, Mr. Colbert.

  • Tomas Senn 10 months ago

    They are actually not allowed to have sex in space because they don’t know what would happen to a developing fetus up there and it would most likely be injured on the return flight. So assuming that nasa has developed a way to clean up since there is no gravity there (like with the space toilet) it is literally all they got.

  • FarawayWayfarer 10 months ago

    So the FCC won’t let me be

  • Dr. Insanity 10 months ago

    Did John Oliver tell the internet to be civil? That’s funny

  • HoistTheBlackFlag 10 months ago

    I love the new studio of The Colbert Report. 😉 John Oliver is absolutly brilliant

  • ColeTrain316 10 months ago

    Apparently space fucking is harder than it sounds. Since you don’t have gravity to keep you in one place, the equal and opposite reaction of thrusting would make it really hard to stay “docked” with your partner. Luckily, a two person undergarment was invented for this express purpose, and has been tested on the Vomit Comet. Unluckily, zero gravity apparently messes with your libido, and astronauts routinely report almost no sex drive while they are in space. However, with the space tourism industry gearing up, some extremely rich perverts will probably be space fucking within the next 5 to 15 years, so there is still hope for the concept as a whole.

  • Elijah Ragland 10 months ago

    Net neutrality is something anyone can agree on and somehow..SOMEHOW Fox has a problem with it. Is the internet too confusing for their 60+ demographic, I think yea.

  • Vincent Huff 10 months ago

    You should say on to not vote until May 18th

  • Cool taha 10 months ago

    I live outside the US. Can i still vote for net neutrality?

  • JL C 10 months ago

    I actually wrote what you told us to. Exactly what you said. And I was polite about it.

  • Dmitry Morozov 10 months ago

    Now I have to research if it is possible to get an erection in space. You know.. With blood flow and no gravity

  • Ben Hamilton 10 months ago

    John Oliver desperately needs a crash course in orbital mechanics…

  • Crazelord91 10 months ago

    The FCC knows that everyone who isn’t in management or invested in ISPs is for net neutrality. No regular American, rationale or not, thinks they would benefit from it; it’s basic logic. So The FCC and the ISPs are doing whatever they can to try to discredit any protests, literally coming up with any reason why our opinions don’t count, to prevent opposition; and it’s really screwed up. I mean they literally allow a former lawyer for Verizon to run the FCC, apparently no one cares about conflict of interest or having any kind of conscious. I may not agree with everything John Oliver says but thank god for people like him who puts himself on the line to help fight for the people

  • DoitDoug 10 months ago

    Please tell me I’m not the only person who left a civil, clear comment.


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