Neil Young vs. Joe Rogan & The Latest Music Beefs | The Daily Show

Published on January 26, 2022

Neil Young, Taylor Swift, Cardi B, Eric Clapton. Which musicians are beefing with each other and why? We’ll break it down in BEEFZUZ. #DailyShow




  • Perfect Sense 1 year ago

    No one has benefited more from the removal of the Dislike counter than Trevor Noah.

  • wiser time 1 year ago

    Neil puts his money where is mouth is,,,,

  • Thomas Hocker 1 year ago

    Neil Young looks exactly like the GRINCH.

  • Nikil Thilakchand 1 year ago

    South Africa is the house

  • Shane Heath 1 year ago

    Trevor is a media puppet

  • Sirzechs Quasar 1 year ago

    So is he going to remove his music off youtube as well.

  • Clay Cassin 1 year ago

    Bye Bye, Neil. That was an easy business and moral decision on Spotify’s part. I did my part, too…I deleted all of my Neil Young albums from my collection as well.

  • TheHeights718 1 year ago

    “Try having an argument with oncoming traffic & you let me know how that works out”
    Ohhh, I wish these vax non-experts would have that argument. The world would be such a better place.

  • Aylbdr Madison 1 year ago

    Last time eric said the vaccine made it so he couldn’t play guitar.
    I’m sure that doesn’t have anything to do with him being in his late 70’s and having had arthritis for many years already. Right? Don’t forget, it was claptons racist comments in 1976 that inspired the Rock Against Racism concert.
    Now, to be fair to eric, and we should be; in 2018 he finally apologized for the racist remarks he made in concert in 1976. Sure it was 42 years later, so,, right. My point is that he said pretty much the same racist BS again in 2020.
    So I suppose everyone will just have to wait for him to sort it out and have enough ballz to apologize for this one in 2062.
    And he’s really not a great guitarist. He’s goof, but even he knows he pales to greats like Jimi Hendrix, and literally all he’s ever done is steal blues licks from black people who played them with real soul. And technically, he was never an accomplished musician either. Sure he can play those cool blues licks, but honestly, those are all super easy to play. The only thing that makes the blues great is all of the heart and soul that real blues musicians put into it. Not some privileged rich white dude who tells his audiences that _”England is for white people.”_
    Eric is however a perfect example of cultural misappropriation for profit.

  • Wolt 1 year ago

    Niel Young – “I demand Joe Rogan be silenced and his ideas removed, but unlike the book burnings this one is actually justified you see… Because Joe has the dangerous belief that it should be socially acceptable to openly talk about and question anything the government or massive corporations say or do. A real conservative conspiracy theorist. Remove Joe from Spotify or I’ll remove my entire catalogue.”
    Spotify – “Lol yeet”
    Trevor – Literally too low IQ to come up with any actual arguments and relies on adhoms, strawmen, and appealing to the extremes in place of useful discussion.
    “Bu…but why do people not like me?!… Must be racism…”

  • Kevin Davis 1 year ago

    Bwhahahaha! An illegal alien fronting for a drug addled has been

  • EnDisneaR chaliko 1 year ago

    Trevor is unwatchable. How tf did this clown get his own show.

  • saukndn56 1 year ago

    Neil Young’s music will still be around long after Joe Rogan fades away.

  • Alexis Almeida 1 year ago

    People dont realize its a win win for neil. He will be proclaimed as a hero by the people that dont like joe, even if he gets joe removed (never going to happen) or if his music gets removed. Great way to stay relevant and come out as the hero no matter the outcome.


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