Neil Gaiman Compares Quarantine to Being Locked in a Cellar with a Bomb

Published on January 13, 2021

Neil Gaiman explains why quarantine boredom is bad for creativity and shares how peculiar it is for his twenty-year-old book to be adapted into a show and still feel of-the-moment.

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  • Ktlemongrass 1 week ago

    Trump has been exactly like Zaphod Beeblebrox from Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. All impulse & ego with little thought to consequences.

  • Kaz Mosis 1 week ago

    I get some Alan Rickman from Gaiman. Anyone else?

  • Linda Pinda Belinda 1 week ago

    The last year would have made a lousy novel. For sure I wouldn’t buy it.

  • BE C 1 week ago

    “Neil Gaiman Compares Quarantine to Being Locked in a Cellar with a Bomb.”
    Yeah, that sounds about right. LOL.

  • Amanda Pike 1 week ago

    I love this. I wish he’d give us more info about Sandman.

  • Guillermo Alvarez 1 week ago

    Neil Gaiman looks like if Severus Snape had a good life.

  • Clemens Lüer 1 week ago

    God, that voice!!

  • C Gip 1 week ago

    Really? Who does he live with?

  • Thomas Palazzolo 1 week ago

    Neil Gaiman? What are YOU doing in Seth Meyer’s schwarma?

  • 1crispypickle 1 week ago

    He’s got a great voice

  • Amby 1 week ago

    Not familiar with Neil, but he could totally play Snape in a Harry Potter remake! RIP Alan Rickman!

  • V for Wombat 1 week ago

    he used to be so much better looking.
    i hate aging.

  • andybaldman 1 week ago

    Why do men try to hide the fact that they’re balding?

  • Raymond Obouvie 1 week ago

    He is such an interesting person, especially in our time.

  • silentjay01 1 week ago

    “As an author of fiction, its my job to be convincing. Its my job to make up things that would convince you that they could really happen.  Real life has no such obligations.”

    Man, that is a great line.

  • T Electronix 1 week ago

    Neil, you’re a great writer (and a somewhat shaky TV screenwriter) but you FLEW TO THE OTHER SIDE OF THE PLANET during your ‘lockdown’.

  • Triskan 1 week ago

    Sandman on screen is gonna be such a treat.

  • New Message 1 week ago

    Wish he’d said what he thinks of the BBC’s bastardization of Terry’s ‘The Watch’.

  • Drawn 1 week ago

    Did not know he sounded like Alan Rickman…

  • Kidlike101 1 week ago

    Neil Gaiman is an amazing writer, the older he gets the more it feels like he should be wearing a knitted sweater and surrounded by cats 😅


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