Neil deGrasse Tyson Uses Aliens To Make Points About Our Human Perspective

Published on September 23, 2022

In this new book, “Starry Messenger: Cosmic Perspectives on Civilization,” Neil deGrasse Tyson challenges readers to imagine they are extraterrestrials peering down at Earth and observing our world without any of the preconceived notions we humans possess. Check out Neil’s book, available now wherever books are sold! #Colbert #StarryMessenger #NeildeGrasseTyson

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  • Judith Rochon 1 year ago

    I just lost respect for Neil on his opinion of vegetarians. He didn’t mention the factory farms and the cruelty. What an ass.

  • Paul Henry 1 year ago

    “I am not a vegetarian because I love animals; I am a vegetarian because I hate plants.”
    A. Whitney Brown

  • malarbusto 1 year ago

    Loved Neil’s oassion. But I don’t think there are many vegetarians who have not had the same thought processes about plants. Whatever we do to reduce our impact and our cruelty is just that, reduction (not eradication).

  • Craig Flowers Music Studio 1 year ago

    Plants make their fruits, so-to-speak, delicious because they WANT us to eat them. Why do you think trees grow along fence lines where birds sit? Because coincidence? LOL

  • Blue Butler 1 year ago

    Loving Tysons tangents!

  • Gerson Pérez 1 year ago

    Neil is one of my favorite people in the world

  • Thomas Farrenkopf 1 year ago

    When there is a genuine relationship between Stephen and his guest, it’s easy to see. Every time NDT comes on, we can see the friendship that exists between these two people. Likewise, when Stephen has a guest he wants nothing to do with, it’s just as easy to spot. Thanks, NDT for keeping it real… real depressing. lol

  • Ishtadev Niwas Ashram 1 year ago


  • TesserId 1 year ago

    Ah come on. E.T. was clearly a mushroom.

  • Persuasive Barrier 1 year ago

    Love him.

  • Rachel Smith 1 year ago

    Plant aliens.. plant aliens.. where have I seen that before… You telling me neither of them ever watched farscape?

  • Sam Heilman 1 year ago

    I love hearing Neil talk but he’s really making no sense about the vegetarian issue. People don’t eat mice, we eat domestically bred animals which have been fed, (in many cases, in unsustainable ways), organisms that DO photosynthesize, and ecology tells us that energy gets lost as we travel up the food chain, so it’s actually killing LESS plant matter when we eat plants than to eat things that have been eating plants. Eating a cow, just because it doesn’t photosynthesize, doesn’t mean plants haven’t been killed in the process. Additionally, more people eating meat incentivizes industrial agriculture to raise more cows fed unsustainably, so if we were to replace those with sustainably managed crops, it’s much better for carbon sequestration than raising cows.

  • clarke cronin 1 year ago

    Here’s what you-we probably are not retaining out of what he’s saying. It’s balance.

  • Steven Crutchley 1 year ago

    Plants are sentient and don’t feel pain. But EVEN IF THEY DID, fewer “innocent plant lives” are killed on a vegan diet – over two thirds of all plants we grow are fed to animal we then eat.

    Neil needs to learn what the _”appeal to hypocrisy”_ and _”appeal to futility”_ fallacies are too – if he has time when he’s not busy building strawmen. Disappointing from someone so learned

  • Shelley Ross 1 year ago

    I’ve been pointing out that we surround ourselves with dead trees for decades! It’s great to hear someone else notice it. He gets clapping and cheers. I did not.

    I, personally, would rather come upon a planet that slaughtered it’s baby carrots than a planet where they’ve slaughtered all of their animals then hung their heads on the wall for decoration.

  • James Tragle 1 year ago

    Two of the best humanity has to offer on stage together.


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