Negotiating With Joe Manchin Was A Strategic Mistake – Joy Reid On Biden’s Legislative Woes

Published on January 26, 2022

In part two of her interview, MSNBC’s Joy Reid tells Stephen that she thinks the Biden Administration made a strategic error in the way they negotiated with Sen. Manchin over the infrastructure plan and voting rights legislation. #Colbert #TheReidOut #JoyReid

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  • Cancun771 2 years ago

    *The Insurrectionist Election Playbook* is now available on Sarah Kendzior’s *GaslitNation Podcast* here on Youtube. Just in case you want to know ahead of time how the Dems will lose the midterms. Congress and the White House after their ongoing failure at protecting your voting rights and at punishing the *Jan 6 ringleaders.*

  • siniaura 2 years ago

    manchin is mini trump, and Sinema is mini Sara Palin, who dresses like its 1984

  • ProfoundClarity 2 years ago

    threaten Manchin corrupt greedy daughter who raised the epipen prices….

  • Glenn Welsh 2 years ago

    The biggest reasons for Biden’s agenda stalling? 1) Partisanship that is so deeply spiteful that GOP legislators will be obstructionist to simply make Biden look like a failed and ineffective leader, regardless of how beneficial his agenda may be, 2) Democrats like Manchin and Sinema who don’t want to look too “left-leaning” to the large Republican constituencies in their home state who may vote against them in their next elections, and 3) Manchin and Sinema are more concerned with how supporting Biden’s agenda would negatively affect the bank accounts of both their insanely wealthy donors and their own.

  • Philip Shane 2 years ago

    She needs to write policy. She has a clearer head, speaks honestly and has the right priorities for our country.

  • Mike R. 2 years ago

    Can we get weekly, if not monthly episodes with Joy?

  • Brother Mine 2 years ago

    If Democrats are truly worried about losing democracy, they could defeat the pro-Trump R candidates in 2022 & 2024 by choosing to stand down in solid red districts where the Ds have no chance to win, in order to make room there for a new second party that can win. For example, a new conservative party that’s “pro life” and “pro gun” but also pro-democracy and anti-Trump, where politicians like Liz Cheney anc Adam Kinzinger could find a new home. D-leaning voters in those districts would prefer the new psrty over the pro-Trump Republican party, and so would a lot of traditional R-leaning voters, so the new party would easily win if most of the D-leaning voters turn out to vote.

  • Wolfbear7🕯🗽🌈🖖⚖ 2 years ago

    You mean being for or against Corporatocracy? Manchin and Synema should be banished for CORRUPTION.

  • Waryaa Wariiri 2 years ago

    She nailed on the snake that is Manchin.

  • Jason SkyWalker 2 years ago

    Joy Reid is amazing and has always been amazing

  • derkaturka 2 years ago

    I really appreciate Joy’s take on everything except,”presidents don’t know about inflation.” Uhmmm no. Sens. Sanders, Warren and Whitehouse know all about it, and if Democrats keep ignoring the corporate dollars democracy is doomed. Thank Bloomberg for crushing Sanders from the presidency by dumping millions into advertising for Biden and literally flipping the DNC away from Sanders. That is why presidents don’t “know” about inflation because their bought by sh!tty money to stay ignorant. So frustrating to see people ignore these facts as if it’s ok for us too. Wake up to this monetary f+ckery that BOTH sides need to address and stop playing ball with them undermining US. Corporate theivery is alive and thriving and demolishing the world for a few humans to rule us all! Presidents SHOULD know about inflation hence the federalist vs anti federalist debates!!!!! Famous for this exact reason.

  • My Pillow Guy 2 years ago

    Biden vaccinated 220 million Americans, passed Covid relief, added 6.6 million jobs after Trump lost 4 million, dropped unemployment to 3.9% after Trump left it at 6%, left Afghanistan when Trump couldn’t, passed infrastructure when Trump couldn’t…all in 1 year.

    Name a president who has done more in 1 year.

  • Hayes Dabney 2 years ago

    “Built for this.”

  • Jon Blondell 2 years ago

    Pretty smart lady.

  • peachesandpoets 2 years ago

    Biden getting low ratings for covid-19 shows that Trump was the president America deserved.

  • Chris Andersen 2 years ago

    Some good insight.

  • Charles Miller 2 years ago

    Ms Reid totally on target! Thank you!

  • Linda Kautzman 2 years ago

    Love Joy Reid but MSNBC is part of the partisan media coverage that is tearing this country apart..Both sides of the media are getting filthy rich reporting one side of every story.


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