Neal Brennan on Dancing with Jerry Seinfeld and Google’s Annoying Algorithm | The Tonight Show

Published on March 28, 2024

Neal Brennan talks about dancing to disco music with Jerry Seinfeld at a party, his Netflix comedy special Neal Brennan: Crazy Good and Google searches being used in court.

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  • @jemtoolson 2 months ago

    Engaging in this discourse is both intellectually stimulating and emotionally fulfilling.💞

  • @Lindie_Kortz75 2 months ago

    Ich bin offiziell deiner Community beigetreten! Mir gefällt alles!🐨

  • @miniman-real 2 months ago

    Trump 2024

  • @OddOneOut665 2 months ago

    Never heard of this guy. Did he used to write for Jimmy or something?

  • @user-jh4kq5rr7p 2 months ago

    More Likes For Jimmy Fallon

  • @lashendawest7509 2 months ago

    We love neal Brennan

  • @riobrasilsambashowssambist1453 2 months ago

    It is quite logical the females have fear of violence from men. Look up how many men murder vs how many women commit murder

  • @aaronhaceves 2 months ago

    Neal said in his stand up that he was allowed to say the n-word because he had black friends, Jerry Seinfeld is a Zionist and dated a 17 year old, and Jimmy Fallon enabled Horatio Sanz when he was grooming a 15 year old. Birds of a feather etc

  • @dancollins6171 2 months ago

    Neal Brennan is a top-shelf, restaurant-quality guest! Love that guy’s wry wit. Hilarious to imagine him parenting! 😂

  • @that_jason_black 2 months ago

    His lady makes him sing. Ya keep her.

  • @TabethaAurochs 2 months ago

    Neal’s BLOCKS podcast is the first one I’ve been able to get into. It’s usually funny, but the draw is creative, constructive human connection. With the perfect amount of weird. 💜💜

  • @BlackHawk3927 2 months ago

    Women copium on social media really is its own genre

  • @glintrhmj 2 months ago

    Dang even one of the greats has fallen to the single mother trap what a simp😂😂 good luck though 😅 you have provided us with many laughs may you have joy with your fooorrreeevver laaaddyy


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