NBC’s Helpful Stats About Members Of Congress Weren’t Very Helpful – CONAN on TBS

Published on February 27, 2019

CONAN Highlight: As the Michael Cohen hearing dragged on, NBC’s informational graphics became less and less useful.

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  • Ali M. 2 years ago

    Penis into a warm pita pocket?!??☠

  • Tom Ives 2 years ago

    Ah so the Dem gets nothing but the Republicans are the butt of all the jokes…
    C’mon Conan you’re better than that.

  • Mkone667 2 years ago

    Gj conan you triggered snowflake repubs

  • Alamo James 2 years ago

    They should’ve had one Democrat on there for good measure. Those were all Republicans.

  • RudeBoySes 2 years ago

    I love salads, damn it!

  • Justice Rowland 2 years ago

    They will get there ass sued for real if this Congress man finds out.

  • C.S Shrike 2 years ago

    Where is Conan in Australia clips?

  • Ryan Bolin 2 years ago

    Why not just put “republicans” in the title

  • Pan The Panda 2 years ago

    Mainstream media and talk shows do have one thing in common.
    Burying the right with Savage jokes LoL

  • John Smith 2 years ago

    I don’t know if that laugh was sarcastic or not

  • cha yan 2 years ago

    Conan the barbarian

  • No Body 2 years ago

    You should hire Stephen Colberts writers

  • elderly poodle 2 years ago

    47 wall-punch holes !!! Best

  • D. Johnson 2 years ago

    Conan, I do love you so. Your informational graphics were funny, it’s just sad that it’s all one sided. Oh well, it’s to be expected. The left controls the media, Hollywood, and the social networks. It’s amazing how all these billionaires who control these outlets claim it’s the Republicans who are the elite when it’s obviously them. They are in control, they have the power to ruin or uplift anyone they want. Anyone who steps out of line gets cut from their club and their lives ruined. Yet, the leftist supporters are so ignorant, it never occurs to them to actually LOOK at the people they support. It”s really sad too because they actually believe themselves to be better than everyone else because they support them. Poor fools. In the end, it’s all about power and the Dems will do everything to keep it.

  • Kokún de Nazareth 2 years ago

    It was fun watching the gop defending mr lying lardass to death making nonsensical question that were never about tRump evading anything relevant about him.
    The joke of the night: A certain senator using a black person as a instrument for their “We’re not racist because ‘hey we have a black person as prop for our tantrums'”
    Cohen stomped on their butts like a badass but this is not enough yet. Let’s watch the gop trumpflakes fall one by one.

  • Adam 2 years ago

    The Democrats do and say way more stupid things, enough material to write a two hour special but Conan is a Hollywood Libtard, so I don’t expect much from him.

  • You’re Kidding? 2 years ago


  • EDDIE CO 2 years ago

    Little known fact, if a congressman has an (R) by his name, Conan is paid more to hate them

  • The Almighty Chewbaccacabra 2 years ago

    All Republican. Edgy Conan, real edgy You should leave the job of making the sheep bleat, to professional leftist shills like the castrated half of The Man Show, Jimmy Kimmel ! I heard he just got his 1st period and became a big girl today.

  • Jason Bean 2 years ago

    My English ex wife once bought me a reversible vest, or as she called it, a “waistcoat”. Great, If were auditioning for the role of the Penguin in a stage production of “Batman”.:)


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