Nathan Macintosh Does Not Want To Talk To Robots

Published on October 7, 2017

Stand-up comic Nathan Macintosh never opts for the self-checkout at the grocery store.

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  • Peter Bruce 3 years ago

    Trump 2020

  • Barrett Gonda 3 years ago

    Mr. Colbert can you talk about mandela effect plz.Whats your thought?

  • PigStarz 3 years ago


  • At Or Around Ten 3 years ago

    My pet banana likes to swim.

  • mwaleed86 3 years ago

    Bill burr impersonator

  • kXcal 3 years ago

    Can’t tell if he really talks like that or it’s just a part of his act lmao

  • Mr IY 3 years ago

    This was a really refreshing set of standup?

  • Darlene Pytlinski 3 years ago

    And now we have to navigate around driverless cars too? Can’t we just get people off the pharms and sugar so that they can drive properly again?

  • V O I D 3 years ago

    Diet Bill Burr

  • Juan Rodriguez 3 years ago

    HA HA, funny white guy:)

  • Izzard 3 years ago

    Solid debut!

  • Covodex 3 years ago

    i don’t know why ppl clap when he says he doesn’t use self-checkout. its a great thing that i use always whenever its available and i don’t have any probs using it (turn your brain on, its actually VERY easy to use and the screen tells you what to do step by step – how can this be too hard to do?).
    While using it im by far faster done than anyone else in line at the human cashiers; which also means they’re done faster because there’s a person less in line with them. its good for everybody. (But it’s “new technology”, god or something propably tells them it’s evil…)

    And why has this guy to scream the whole time? does he also not understand how microphones work? (i need to scream, otherwise i might sound too faint for ppl in europe!)

    You can either go with progress and live a happy, integrated life; or you can stand still and watch the rest of the world moving on without you – but if you pick secondary option, please don’t complain…it’s your own fault.

    (no, the guy wasn’t THAT bad; but his topics where pretty…”meh”, and standup comedy is very hard to craft into something not crappy. dave chapelle is one of tgese very rare good ones; and you can’t compare chapelle to this guy at all.)

  • 8t8 3 years ago

    he was really funny, gotta be top 3 so far

  • superblonde 3 years ago

    good but i dont like comedians that ‘yell’ their lines

  • Psoriasis Channel 3 years ago

    Funny guy. Unique style.


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