Natasha Lyonne Names Three Things That Make Her Happy – CONAN on TBS

Published on December 3, 2020

Natasha’s shared a lot of things she doesn’t like so Conan challenges her to name three things she does like. Plus, Natasha explains why she’s wearing SO many rings.

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  • MrKingKale 1 month ago

    Oh yeah yeah

  • George Acuna 1 month ago

    This looks like the interview after a long night of playing beer pong, chain smoking, and getting shromerd. #natashaishot

  • Steffi H 1 month ago

    Is she from the 1700‘s!?

  • DrePirate 1 month ago

    Conan is days away from becoming redhead Kylo Ren

  • Natasha L. John 1 month ago

    Conan I love your hair and Natasha you need to stop smoking. Period!

  • barfyman362 1 month ago

    She’s so cool. Bless her.

  • PopeLando 1 month ago

    Amy Adams is going to send Natasha her stylist as an emergency measure.

  • Pat H 1 month ago

    Has she got a podcast? I need a daily or at least weekly dose of Natasha Lyonne.

  • -가짜통역사 1 month ago

    Wow hella good

  • maxmerton 1 month ago

    Protects the lungs 🤣🤣🤣

  • Rin C 1 month ago

    Conan looks more and more like Owen Wilson each day

  • hightopgirl525 1 month ago

    Who else watched the full interview already but is re-watching this clip because they can’t get enough of Natasha?!

  • Karissa Kline 1 month ago

    Natasha is literally a bottle of cigarettes and sunshine…god I love her.

  • Shanks D. Thanks 1 month ago

    Conan, you look so young with that long hair and casual outfit. Fits you way better than short hair and the suit.

  • Point it At the deck 1 month ago

    I really like her. She’s a huge talent.

  • Ryan Purple Nintendo Eater 1 month ago

    Wtf did I just watch 🤪 😳

  • tactical grace 1 month ago

    Hmm, looks like someone needs to give up smoking & take up Shawarma. Or maybe the Marlboro study is right & I could protect my lungs even more if I smoke crack? Either way, to echo Conan, when Natasha started out she sounded like a 40 year old Jewish ma from Brooklyn. Now she sounds like an 80 yr old Jewish granma from Brooklyn with the osteo & the rheumatoid & the gout & the varicose & the Oy vey!

  • Sofiane E. 1 month ago

    This woman is very charming somehow..

  • Sérgio 1 month ago

    She’s kinda right. I quit smoking 3 years ago and i had several weeks with severe cough up to a point to develop muscle and back pain. Yes, first world problems, my favorits.


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