Name it, James Hasn’t Seen It

Published on December 14, 2022

James Corden starts the night by admitting he never saw the original “Avatar” movie, which kicks off a debate among the gang on the best movie sequel in history. Is it The Empire Strikes Back or Top Gun: Maverick? In the news, President Biden signed the ‘Respect for Marriage’ Act into law protecting same-sex unions, and the founder of FTX was arrested in the Bahamas for defrauding investors. Lawmakers have introduced a bill to ban TikTok in the U.S. due to security concerns but James can’t live without Owen Han and his sandwich creations! Archeologists have discovered a stone carving of a man defending himself and his penis from predators, while a botched robbery in England prompts advice on how the criminal could have talked his way out of the mistake. Finally, 1 in 4 people avoid cheese due to nightmares and the other 3 people know that cheese is worth the terrors.

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  • Ricardo Espindola 10 months ago

    Sad, Biden needs to be in a retirement home. Such an embarrassment to the US. Marriage is between a man and a woman. Not same sex.

  • Chantin Collins 10 months ago

    Had a perfectly rude comment lined up and James just reeled me in

  • king1and 10 months ago

    We all know the best sequel is: The Godfather 2

  • Jackson Noah 10 months ago

    << Reply

  • Jason Ericson 10 months ago

    Normally I agree with a fellow Portlander, but this time Karms is wrong, Aliens is a better sequel than Maverick.

  • kingofthesharks 10 months ago

    Empire Strikes Back
    The Two Towers
    Godfather Pt2
    Terminator 2
    Dark Knight
    Top Gun Maverick
    Blade Runner 2049
    Last but not least….Paddington 2

  • weaponx26 10 months ago

    If I’m eating cheese before going to bed I always think . Dreams are going to be awesome!!

  • Navers Kay 10 months ago

    Best sequel. Terminator 2: Judgement Day, The Godfather 2 or The Dark Knight.

  • Stephen Lewis 10 months ago

    If you’ve ever seen Ferngully as a child, you’ve got the premise of Avatar.

  • Stephen Lewis 10 months ago

    Respect for Marriage Act! Maybe this will have an effect on all the cheaters and liars in their marriages. I’m talking to all the lying, cheating hetero’s out there. We aren’t any better at love than any other pairing, so conservatives should shut their mouths while they suck my brick.

  • Ajerman 10 months ago

    james saying it gave me the courage to say it too, i also havent seen the 1st avatar movie or return of the jedi

  • Djangus Roundstone 10 months ago

    People still watch this guy? Bring back Craig Ferguson!

  • Doug Golden 10 months ago

    On Corden’s impression of the guy going out the door and coming back: “Well, it kept up with me. That’s good.”

  • Dejviii 10 months ago

    1/4 of americans xdd

  • Dimitar Andreev 10 months ago

    Best sequel of all time – The godfather part II. You’re welcome.


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