MyPillow Mike’s 96 Hour Delusia-Palooza, Trump Gets Naked & the 200 Craziest People in America

Published on November 23, 2021

Joe Biden expects to run again in 2024 and te question remains will Donald Trump run against him, we have decided to only depict Donald Trump with no clothes now, the 200 craziest people in America are still waiting at Dealey Plaza in Dallas for the resurrection of JFK and JFK Jr, since Mike Lindell is hosting a 96 hour long “Thanks-A-Thon” this week and has been flying around the country trying to get state attorney generals to sign his lawsuit we checked in with him (James Adomian) to see how everything has been going, and a we look back a year ago this week in a new edition of “This Week in COVID History.”


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  • D C 2 years ago


  • Global Warmhugs 2 years ago

    Something NO ONE wanted to see, but everyone NEEDED to see. Thank you for fulfilling all of our dreams?

  • Monty Bailey 2 years ago

    Jimmy you’re awful!

  • TheChiefEng 2 years ago

    Finally, Americans are allowed to see the real Donald Trump although that will give most people nightmares for a long time.

  • carl 2 years ago

    i hope biden and bernie dont run

  • Michael Bowes 2 years ago

    Loonies are America’s most feted and celebrated people. That’s why there are so many around. The media just loves a circus

  • Ed Rowlands 2 years ago

    Kimmel, stop giving this grifter free advertising time for his business.

  • Kiwizz 21 2 years ago

    Surely that guy in the freezer is the real Lindell or …..

  • Mike Devlin 2 years ago

    Ratings for this show plummeted…lets go Brandon!

  • Northern wild shewolf 2 years ago

    trump naked is sooo many levels of wrong. How do we unsee that?

  • Evelyn G 2 years ago

    For someone who claims to hate D. Trump, Jimmy sure does talk about him more often than not…


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