Mychal Denzel Smith – How To Recover From Donald Trump | The Daily Social Distancing Show

Published on September 15, 2020

Mychal Denzel Smith discusses the upcoming election, the radical steps the country needs to take to course-correct, and his new book on America’s failure to live up to the American Dream. #DailyShow #TrevorNoah #MychalDenzelSmith

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  • mr monkey 6 days ago

    Diesel patches.

  • Christian Rauh 6 days ago

    Typical example of the perfect getting in the way of the good.

  • Hui Anhkamun 6 days ago

    Change is the end.

  • Cosmic Charley 6 days ago

    Trevor…you have a white Gf…black woman not good enough? I guess that “rich black priviledge” is serving you well…

  • Sarah T. 6 days ago

    In an effed up time like this, a moderate getting elected is still progress. At least it’s stagnancy in the face of a DOWNWARD SPIRAL

  • Mllr Hr 6 days ago

    you are not funny

  • enjolraslechimiste 6 days ago

    For dear god, stop talking about how we need dramatic change greater than just electing Biden. Whether radical change is good or not, READ THE ROOM. Americans are willing to support a nutcase like Trump; if you choose policies that alienate Americans again, we will see a revival of Trump-ism. American unity, above all else, is the priority, not climate change, not even racial matters…because NONE of these matters are even on the table if we fragment as a people.

  • cecil disharoon 6 days ago

    The comments here about the Senate are valid too! Look. The Affordable Health Care Act was damaged in scope by not only solid No Republicans, but also, Democrats like Claire McCaskill.
    A 60 seat supermajority, was it- not quite squandered, but unrealized. But we need no less than 50 seats or Biden is crippled.
    I still am not believing this sage brother would chance more Trump. Remember. That dude is good to find a way around the term limit amendment and will only grow more out-of-touch.
    I understand fearing complacency after they get our votes. But it is very true Obama tried to accomplish more than his Senate supported.
    At that point I am not sure if I am not making Mychal’s basic point. But I frame it within scope of Congress. We also have change coming to the SCOTUS regardless.
    I know he wants everyone to commit to what we will have to do so they don’t flip at midterm. But there is no oxygen in the room with for-profit news mired in Trump’s scandals and violations of the Constitution and the norms of his office.

  • Spencer Hall 6 days ago

    Your not funny at all

  • Kirsten roberts 6 days ago

    Civics lesson 101. Trevor, the great un-showered, since you dont have a player in the game. Being from another continent. How the 50 united states work. States Rights since 1789, aka the 10th amendment. Part of the bill of rights in our US Constitution.There’s 50 different governors who control their individual states. The President is not in charge of managing each one individually. If the governor or mayor want help and ask the President for it. He has the power to step in and call in The National Guard. But many of these clowns keep telling the president to back off and stay away from their states. Trump Let the 50 Govs from 50 states respond to covid. Because places like Montana andSouth Dakota were not affected like NY Washington or Arizona.But many democratic Governors are still screwing up. Like Ny mafia boss Cuomo, Michigan stepford wife and They Live Evil Alien vampire and biden vp runner up Gretchen Whitmer, Oil tycoon California Gavin Gruesome. Illinois Gov, 4 billion hyatt hotel heir and Garbage-Pail-kid spokesperson JB Putz-kur (Private schools still open public are not)Oregon Gov Katie Brown the Clown. R. I Gina Railroad-ondo, Washington’s Sleepy Jay Inslee and Wisc. Tony Ever-lockdown. Not to mention a host of other mediocre politicians, Like chicago mayor and bridge troll, loathsome Lori Lightfoot, and Portland mayor Pajama party boy, Ted Wheeler plus a plethora of other low level bureaucrats and so on. All the people I mentioned are technically democrats but they do not care about protecting the innocent civilians whose businesses were destroyed or whose towns have turned into war zones. But many do have their own secret police guarding their houses. Tell me all the great things dems have done to their towns for 40years? Rampant crime, urban decay, crumbling infrastructure, drug addiction, homelessness, Obama had 8 years and didn’t use it as a platform to lift the common man. He used it to gather wealth for himself and get an all expenses paid vacation. He is now worth about 250 million if you count book deals, netflix special and various speaking engagements.

  • cecil disharoon 6 days ago

    Eight years of Obama and four years of Trump have moved America furher out of the neo-con war abroad cycle, too. That’s a significant change. I was not pessimistic enough to see we’d then foment violence against one another in its place. But let’s not feed into the civil war picture they want to sell, either. The conversation is underway- again, we have to vote the cult leader out. He also feeds the same war contractors he slammed recently, so here is another example of why he has to go.

    That said, I don’t know how we are going to change that allocation of resources under Biden either. Obama voted for more spending too. But if people don’t connect with education, there is no saving us via democracy.

  • Frankie Lynne 6 days ago

    ….soooo is this guy satisfied with this current “radical change”?

  • Epic Gamer 6 days ago

    Addressing those with Trump derangement syndrome. Trump is the better candidate. He has already proven by his actions he’s standing up to China. I used to vote democrat but then I grew up, I got a job, paid taxes, bought a house, ect…I began doing some research and finally spat out the kool-aid that was choking the oxygen flow to my brain. Facts about Biden. He became a senator in 1972.. he’s a career politician who says one thing and does another. I would call that fabricating the truth. democrat Senator Biden drafted the Senate version of the legislation of 1994 Crime Bill with stiffer mandatory minimums and the 3 strikes Law. It was also a ploy by Democratic President Bill Clinton to appear tougher on crime. He also voted for Nafta. In 1994 he voted in favor of Government Spyware. He voted in favor of the Iraq war. During his vice presidency of Obama, barack had 10 times the airstrikes on Iraq than that of his predecessor, Bush. Biden is in favor of escalating mid east debacle by Taking on Bashir Al-Assad in Syria.These are hawks disguised as doves. He wants to ban free speech and get rid of net neutrality. Just tell me all the things trump is doing against the Constitution. The 3 tech monopolies. Google face book and twitter already exercise censorship. They’ve been donating millions to Biden’s campaign because he wont take them to task for anti-trust legislation. AG Bill Barr is already moving to do so. In Feb, 2020. a 9th circuit court in San Fransisco sided against Free speech on You. tube, owned by google. Conservative views are often deleted or removed altogether. So the Left really supports free speech? Nope. The Left have become the fascist nazis they preach against. No dissenting views allowed. His son Hunter runs an investment firm which received 1 billion in funds from the Chinese bank HSBC. He plans on de-funding the police and abolishing the 2nd amendment. The ACLU just came out and said the 2nd amendment is not an individual right but a collective right! Excuse me? every communist regime wants an unarmed populace like in North korea, Laos, cuba, Venezuela, and China. The Harris/biden ticket will begin to dismantle the US Constitution. Biden has suffered 2 brain aneurysms already! He’s an alzheimers patient who will be a puppet of China. Forget sanctions and tariffs that Trump’s enacted to protect workers and unions. Maybe if you look at other news sources that are objective beyond the yellow “journalists” at cnn, msnbc, abc etc. sprinkling copious amounts of spurious subterfuge, Watch china uncensored, al jeezera, wion news, skynews Australia, gravitas and china in focus. I wish people could see the bigger picture. Think for yourselves and not Let groupthink for you #walkaway

  • molly cruz 6 days ago

    Humanity is not facing extinction. In all time, never so many people living so long….in fact, all of our plagues have resulted from OVERPOPULATION. We must balance our population with the oxygen in the air and the other factors that create health and prosperity. Fewer people live longer. Have two, adopt the rest.

  • matt lassiter 6 days ago

    Trump 2020.

  • Andrew Tarlowe 6 days ago

    Stakes ‘Is’ High…is the name of his book?. Its been quite a few years since I’ve been in school but I’m pretty sure its ‘are’, not ‘it’

  • Narien T 6 days ago

    diesel gang

  • cecil disharoon 6 days ago

    Banning new offshore drilling aside, Trump’s rolling so many environmental regulations back. I don’t even see how that helps him politically with his voter base! Putting the old ones back is a great start. It’s an idiotic culture war that makes the environment a partisan issue. We could put some of our millions, unemployed, to work on high-speed rail. Someone has to address the worker’s plight and academics get out-,of-touch with that reality. These are changes offered by Biden.
    It’s like an old school Republican platform, relative to this administration.
    I am not sure I buy into the degree of complacency but let’s face it. We didn’t get Sanders or Warren. As to this activation: if not Now…then When?

    This is my third time listening.
    Despite it all, 67 to 75 percent mask usage across the country suggests we might be closer to the necessary solutions.

  • Jason Bean 6 days ago

    What’s the name of book?

  • C Kenny Lin 6 days ago

    “I hear what you’re saying” is Tone Deaf. Try listening to people outside your physical bubble, especially those in swing states. I’m told that in Fla, there are campaign commercials claiming that Biden wants to kill Black babies. Who are the Black people in the Swing States that believe this?

    We’re fighting a fire and Smith is arguing over what kind of bottled water we should be using.


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