Musk to Reverse Trump’s Twitter Ban, Subpoenaed Phones Disappear & Pretend MAGA Republican Dr. Oz

Published on May 10, 2022

There is a nationwide shortage of baby formula in the US, Elon Musk says that he will reverse Trump’s Twitter ban if his deal to buy the company goes through, Trump claims he no longer has any of the cell phones that were subpoenaed by the State of New York, the January 6th Committee has questioned almost a thousand people and are reportedly still on the fence about interviewing Trump or Pence, Dr. Oz is running for Senate and is trying very hard to be a MAGA Republican, OAN has finally been forced to fess up and run a segment admitting there was “no widespread voter fraud” perpetrated by Georgia election workers in 2020, the trailer for Avatar: Way of Water has been released with a familiar superstar addition to the cast, MMA light heavyweight Joel Bauman delivered a very honest post-fight interview, Tom Brady has lined up his next gig, and Jimmy chats with a textbook reviewer from Florida about what doesn’t fall in line with their idea of “family values.”

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  • Nicole Howe 11 months ago

    OZ is not going to win up here in Pennsylvania 💯

  • thedrewseph 11 months ago

    The guy who used to play “WHAT’S IN MY POCKET?!” is now the leader of mortality. LMFAO

  • Joe Upde 11 months ago

    It’s about time stop the communists from controlling it

  • Steven Wilkinson 11 months ago

    ussrepubican party of Trump.

  • Slippery Jim 11 months ago

    Elon Musk has been slowly sharing his fascist beliefs for a while now. The unbanning of traitor Trump is a clear indication where Musk stands.

  • Kay Alcorn 11 months ago

    Guillermo must be having the time of his life. He hit the jackpot with this gig!

  • Somedude77 11 months ago

    Trump lives in Jimmy’s head rent free

  • james peterson 11 months ago

    This guy sucks. Lol

  • Timothy Hoffman 11 months ago

    The Wizard Of Oz voted for the Doctor Of Oz.. Go figure

  • JoJo11 11 months ago

    Kinda like when Hillary destroyed her phones. Or even you media denying the Hunter laptop.

  • Emery Noel 11 months ago

    Good lord, that whole math skit is eerily similar to _every_ republican I talk to. When does the next civil war start again?

  • himmat jatt 11 months ago

    jimmy has trump phobia…love from india

  • Max Aluta 11 months ago

    The way he talks about Elon would make you think that he’s a stupid person.

  • khaila turner 11 months ago


  • M S 11 months ago

    Let him back on Twitter..his supporters will eventually find out who Trump is….it may take a little longer for some.

  • 4leafclover 11 months ago

    I click just because of the thumbnail 😊

  • T85 Restored 11 months ago

    Trump back on Twitter…the tweets against Joke Biden will be legendary…

  • Dorian Edwards 11 months ago

    OZ paid Trump a million bucks for the endorsement. Everyone knows this. He PAID Trump because he is desperate for power. He has millions of dollars but he wants some power, so he just PAID Trump for the endorsement.

  • CuriousBee Serendipity 11 months ago

    What about his tweeters? He certainly used his phone. And…why do they want his phone? They can check his records with the phone company and get calls and texts. He should be in jail. Allowing him back to Twitter is dangerous…

  • Broken Routine Podcast 11 months ago

    This all planned shortage of baby formula next will be the Massive shortage of food. Then they raid your house if you have too much food. Wake up


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