Musical Genre Challenge: Nikki Glaser Sings “U Can’t Touch This” as a Girl with an Acoustic Guitar

Published on May 10, 2023

Nikki Glaser performs MC Hammer’s hit “U Can’t Touch This” as a girl with an acoustic guitar in a college quad in Musical Genre Challenge. Watch new episodes of That’s My Jam Mondays at 10/9c on NBC!

Hosted by Jimmy Fallon, “That’s My Jam” is an hour long music and comedy variety game show that draws inspiration from the most popular “Tonight Show” games. Each episode features two teams of two celebrities competing for a charity of their choice in a series of music, dance, and trivia-based games and musical performances. Signature games to be played include Launch the Mic, Air Guitar, Don’t Drop the Beat, Perfect Mash-Up, Wheel of Impossible Karaoke, Slay It, Don’t Spray It and many more.

The format was brought to Universal Television Alternative Studio by Fallon, longtime “The Tonight Show” producer Jim Juvonen and writer Josh Knapp. Adam Blackstone is Musical Director and will lead the house band throughout each episode. Mike Yurchuk will serve as showrunner.

That’s My Jam Hosted by Jimmy Fallon.

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  • Mike Cyr 12 months ago

    She can sing? WOW!

  • May Flower 12 months ago

    Move over T-Swift because Nikki is killing it

  • DjDMA 12 months ago

    Oh yeah, this is totally improvised, the guitar with the capo on, and she already knew which chords she had to play to follow the band, right on the spot, that’s natural talent…………..

  • Marvin Gershowitz 12 months ago

    … I remember when Janis Joplin did live music on T.V.
    …. but it’s come to this?
    otflmao wow!

  • Sauleha Kamal 12 months ago

    I want this on Spotify

  • StarChikoBoy23 12 months ago

    Musical stuff I love it

  • StarChikoBoy23 12 months ago

    That’s so dope

  • StarChikoBoy23 12 months ago

    She can sing rally good

  • Casey JL 12 months ago

    As a girl is a genre?

  • Siegel-Official 12 months ago

    Singing ain’t easy. All these guys genius

  • CaptainTedStryker 12 months ago

    Obviously the guests know beforehand what they’re going to be doing, but still a good performance.


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