Murdoch Admits Fox Lied For Money | Factchecking DeSantis’ Dull Book | FBI Nabs Sedition Panda

Published on February 28, 2023

Fox News chairman Rupert Murdoch admitted under oath that election lies were knowingly endorsed by hosts including Sean Hannity and Maria Bartiromo. Elsewhere, Florida’s governor released an exceptionally stupid book, and the feds finally caught up with a costumed Jan 6 insurrectionist.
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  • nathan brehm 7 months ago

    F Desantis…we don’t want a fascist authoritarian dictator…he’s a hatemonger…

  • Roger Merrill 7 months ago

    Ron is trash, take him out!

  • Tim Smith 7 months ago

    Who still watches this dumb show? lol I watched Colbert when I was young when he was actually funny, now he’s just a total mind-numbing shill. He helped give Americans Biden lol Congrats America lol

  • Lore Bazemore 7 months ago

    We need an FCC .

  • Bllurr1 7 months ago

    Disney is one of the most powerful corporations in the world. Normally I don’t root for corps, but in this instance I hope they stomp a mud-hole in DeSantis’s behind.

  • David Hutchison 7 months ago

    Desist characterising Merde-och with that Crocodile Dundee accent, thanks very much. He is American, and has been so since the 1980s. We don’t want him back either.

  • Arnold Sherrill 7 months ago

    Ron DeSantis is not clearly thinking about what would happen if he pissed the Disney corporation off to the point they get up and leave., How much a hole that’s going to leave in the tax base of the State of Florida
    No governor in his right mind actually wants to piss-off one of the biggest employers of the state economy. But then we are talking about Ron DeSantis, who has shown his deck is not totally composed of a full set of cards., Because of some of his previous decisions

  • Candy Warmuth 7 months ago

    They forgot tuckenit.

  • Jordan Eyre 7 months ago

    He didn’t finger Tucker as well?? Jeez

  • Professor Chaos 7 months ago

    Colbert is the God of Comedy!!

  • Zach W. 7 months ago

    No sense of humor is one of my most useful red flags.

  • Joey W 7 months ago

    Patton Oswalt said it best, “The only reason to go to Florida is to identify your daughter’s dead body.”

  • Not Sure 7 months ago

    Great. If DeSantis wins, we’ll all have mullets, pet alligators, and “functional” PCP addictions.

  • dreamervanroom 7 months ago

    Don’t stupidly comment on your own jokes. If they aren’t good enough to stand on their own. … Let them go.
    You have been greatly intelligent and subtle. Wha’ hoppen? Was it CBS or too mush marahoochie?
    I vote for CBS. They think you are talking to 12-14 year olds.

    Well, it pays the bills.

    I bet you could connect with the editor of the book and wonder if maybe s/he was more like ghostwriter. Ugg.
    And there are other places that have the same kind of “private district” like Disney does. It was not at all a special deal for Disney.

  • matty b 7 months ago

    Fox has got a new anchor. Dilbert

  • william wan 7 months ago

    Not really dumb, more like despicable


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