Mueller Says Trump Wasn’t Exonerated, Could Be Charged After Leaving Office: A Closer Look



  • D Kipu 3 years ago

    Absolute crazy land, brought to you by….the RNC, supporting any Republican in office until we all go down in flames.

  • butt cheeks 3 years ago

    We must win in 2020 so that he can finally serve jail time. As long as he is president he is untouchable and he knows the risks of leaving office. he will use any means necessary illegal or otherwise to win in 2020

  • minkya1010 3 years ago

    He read my mind @ Below The Law

  • R1_Rebe1 3 years ago

    Hey Mueller, if you wanted a meeting with Trump, maybe you should have told him that you found Hillary’s emails. ?‍♂️

  • Dave McCauley 3 years ago

    At this point I don’t know what is worst… That we have a very “Innocent” (everybody laugh…haha) Oversize Oompa Loompa in the White House..or the movie “Idiocracy” is based on true events of Cadet Bonepurs..!!!

  • Doug Leaves 3 years ago


  • Kate Hillenbrand 3 years ago

    Ha! Rep. Collins, an auctioneer. I thought the very same thing.

    And wasn’t that other fella from TX cute slipping in “Socialists” when referring to the Democrats. That’s the cheating Republicans latest tact, trying to instill fear by suggesting Democrats are all Socialists. They’re all traitors. There, I said it.

  • Brandon Foley 3 years ago

    He would have an aide do it. Wouldn’t move it himself

  • the walkin dude 3 years ago

    Article 2 states that the president shall be removed from office on conviction of bribery, treason, high crimes or misdemeanors. It goes on, but that’s the short version
    At no point does it allow the president to “do whatever he wants” in fact it’s the opposite.
    Someone should really say something about it to trump, I think he’s dreadfully confused.

  • Ulumalu 3 years ago

    Anyone tired of winning yet?

  • VJ S 3 years ago

    Mueller could literally say that Trump directly works for Putin and all his supporters would call it fake news and shout MAGA.

  • Stanley Maximum 3 years ago

    Props to the lady with the glasses by Bob’s left shoulder who made the same facial expressions I did after those quick Yes’s. ??

  • Peter Terry 3 years ago

    No, the biggest point is that Russia is still interfering with our electoral process. The more that people understand this, the better.

  • Perihelion77 3 years ago

    Prosecutors don’t ‘exonerate’ anyone. They just press charges or not. Trump is a major bloviator, and egotist, but he knows every red button that the Demwits have, and pushes all of them.

    The sad Dems then go into a spasm of profanity and abject hatred, which is exactly what Trump desires.

    To the public, the Demwits ravings are now just white noise in the background. They lose again.

  • Nate Carver 3 years ago

    So far 117 trump supporters didn’t like this video…I’m sure they plugged their ears and screamed “I can’t hear this!” Over and over. ?

  • SolarisZen 3 years ago

    Get it done! IMPEACH

  • Gunman610 3 years ago

    Louis Gohmert is extraordinarily dumb. He acts like what his name sounds like.

  • Walt F. 3 years ago

    The Trump/GOP response to the Mueller report may become known as “the exoneration exaggeration.”

  • dudebladeX 3 years ago

    Y’know, the fact that the Democrats acted professional while the republicans resorted to name calling and condescending questions kinda proves that republicans don’t really have a leg to stand on. Hell! They don’t even have an arm to prop themselves up!

  • Rikki Hoffecker 3 years ago

    The Report.
    I got the audio book from Audible Books. I went through Amazon for a free 30 trial, downloaded it and Plato’s “Republic”, then cancelled it…no strings. It comes with the evidenciary references, and footnotes along with redaction explainations in PDF form.
    It is an
    Eye opener, people.


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