Mr. Pope Goes To Washington

Published on September 24, 2015

The pope began his U.S. visit in Washington, D.C. Tuesday night, but not everyone is excited to see him.

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  • The Libyan Atheist 4 years ago

    Awesome pope!

  • Lord Trumpenstein 4 years ago

    This Pope is a socialist faggot, just like Jesus. Colbert must accept me as
    his Lord and Savior.

    Make Heaven Great Again!

  • COSMO 4 years ago

    Even though I’m not religious, this Pope is really cool. I could have a
    beer with him, if he would have one.

  • Denner Evangelho da Cruz 4 years ago

    The Dung of the Devil, i would buy that album

  • Kirisute Gomen 4 years ago

    Colbert is fucking awesome. Loving this new show!

  • Emily Charland 4 years ago

    I don’t know whether Colbert as a Catholic should make fun of the Holy
    Father like that… Mocking his speech was kind of too much…

  • Daniel Casillas 4 years ago

    sip bretts

  • Saint Val 4 years ago

    So the party that keeps quoting the bible on gay marriage is simultaneously
    telling the pope to fuck off on climate change. Poking holes in Republican
    logic is starting to feel like picking on an autistic child. Can we get
    them tested before we carry on?

  • Jason SealMan 4 years ago

    I really want the under the desk job

  • A D 4 years ago

    Hi your kids, America!

  • Kalon Cheung 4 years ago

    Ooh a new video!

  • Shreshtha Mani Choudhary 4 years ago

    To a person of faith the his personality doesn’t give him his ideas ….his
    ideas give him his personality ….and that’s why they are so hard to give
    up when confronted with reason and logic.

  • GreekJR2 4 years ago

    I lost it when that hand popped up.

  • lynn pabon the elite hero 4 years ago

    hes not a catholic; hes an atheist.

    Hes done plenty of skits mocking religions.

  • Horrible Audio/Video Entertainment 4 years ago

    “…I’ll have the nearest 3 old cut my hair and I’ll say I’m you.”

  • FunReviewed 4 years ago


  • tdwtFULLEPISODES 4 years ago

    3:40 Killed me LOL

  • SkitHertz 4 years ago

    okay, what’s the latin phrase he just said?

  • sn12 4 years ago

    “SuperCuts test model” is the most accurate description of that “dung of
    the devil” Congressman!

  • Nonofya Bidnez 4 years ago

    The pope is the original Kardashian.
    Nobody knows what he does, why he is famous or why anybody should give a
    fuck about him.
    And HOLY FUCK his fake humbleness has to be the most annoying thing about
    this old pedophile-shuffling cunt.

  • Agent Orange 4 years ago

    Man, Jimmy Fallon is somewhat likeable, I guess, but Colbert actually
    covers topics, and has impeccable comedic timing, not to mention he rarely
    messes a line up.

  • Joachim Schoder 4 years ago

    Huckabee claims Obama is anti Christian because he disagrees with the
    Vatican on abortions. Republicans disagree with the pope on Climate Change,
    helping the poor and the war with Iraq/Iran. What does this make them?

  • Bernardo Grando 4 years ago

    Cuba may be in 1952 but still have better healthcare the 2015 USA

  • Brian Williams 4 years ago

    I once saved the pope’s life, deep in the Congo.

  • Luis Dias 4 years ago

    “Me as a CATHOLIC” “as a CATHOLIC” “have I told you I am a CATHOLIC?”


  • classictvguy1 4 years ago

    *Unfettered capitalism…

  • VoyagerAbove 4 years ago

    People calling it questionable science is part of the reason we’re all so
    completely fucked. These are people for whom a mountain of empirical
    evidence is not enough. They’re no better than anti-vaxxers. I question
    where they get the confidence to use even toothpaste if they’re so
    unwilling to trust science.

  • Darwin Daen 4 years ago

    the rock reference

  • Niels Smet 4 years ago

    Kind of disappointing to hear he’s a catholic. I always figured he was an
    atheist, considering his intelligence.

  • Abigail Zapatos 4 years ago

    That sign of the cross though, it’s not the Catholic way… I’m just really
    nit-picking here.

  • Truth Teller 4 years ago

    Yay!!!!! Pope Marxist the Jesuit Freemason/false teaching infiltrator is in
    town!!! You people do realize this guy is a fraud, right?

  • CannibalPedroX94 4 years ago

    This man is amazing ahah, I laughed the whole video xD

  • Tama Boyle 4 years ago

    *tauri stercus

  • Bradon Rivers 4 years ago

    Pedicabo ego vos et irrumabo

  • fedos 4 years ago

    If I was a Congressman, I’d boycott Bergoglio’s address to Congress, too,
    but for legitimate reasons like his position that women aren’t fully human,
    his position that gays should be second class citizens, and the fact that
    the US is a secular nation and its elected officials shouldn’t be taking
    direction from scumbag religious leaders (especially those engaged in
    criminal activity).

  • KING-SHOW 4 years ago


  • Summers Time Entertainment 4 years ago

    Not a Catholic here, but do you guys really worship this dude, or listen to
    the things he proclaims? How does the Pope control his followers’ daily
    lives? I am curious.

  • HG Shurtugal 4 years ago

    You got to love this Pope.

  • justin owen 4 years ago

    my god your up late my dear lord

  • Emmanuel Rapheal 4 years ago

    Why are the crowds so shitty. It ruins the show.

  • BritishMoralHQ 4 years ago

    pardoning paedophiles…high five-ing Hitler..getting Bonita with Benito
    ..helping transport looted gold …

  • johnny valdes 4 years ago

    You are the funny

  • cosmlayla 4 years ago

    I am glad he’s still funny!

  • Harry Johnson 4 years ago

    It’s great how we have a pope that knows it’s actually the 21st century.

  • OBI RON 4 years ago

    pope Frank!!! for prez!!! extreme capitalism is the dung of the devil!! get
    em Stephen!!! and thanks!!

  • gene 4 years ago

    “The guest of honor even wore a white dress.” is not funny. It’s being a
    total and complete prick. In America everybody has freedom of speech, but
    that doesn’t mean they have the ability to be funny. Impugning religious
    faiths to get laughs is not very nice. On billionaire Jewish owned CBS, I’d
    like to see Colbert make fun of the Jewish faith. Like keeping the Torah
    locked up in some little box in front of the church, then parading it
    around like some God on religious occasions. Is that why they’re so many
    lawyers because the Torah is really instructions on how to, through
    education, gain control and take over a country? See Les Moonves the owner
    of CBS wouldn’t really allow this type of humor. Or Colbert could joke
    about 6 millions Jews killed during WWII as a way to garner sympathy so
    they can do as they please to fleece your pocketbook. Again Les would say
    no. But look, Les, it’s all ok man because it’s in the spirit of getting a
    few laughs. Right?

  • Corey Dolan 4 years ago

    If the pope were a decent person he would have the authorities arrest the
    child-molesting priests in his clergy.

  • Ben Moore 4 years ago

    mocking accents makes me uneasy

  • - JJ4prez 4 years ago


    When he reads what the Pope said. I lost it.

  • the wforce 4 years ago

    haha the hand under the desk part

  • Clint Howard on Jenkem 4 years ago

    Mawwiage. Mawwiage is what bwings us togethew today. Mawwiage, that
    bwessed awwangement, that dweam within a dweam. And wove, twue wove, wiww
    fowwow you fowevah and evah…. So tweasuwe youw wove.

  • Oscar Diaz 4 years ago

    He even works on sundays… That pun was gold.

  • Dino Dave 4 years ago


  • starlinguk 4 years ago

    My local car mechanic recommends Fiats. Just sayin’ And if they can cope
    with Italian driving they must be good.

  • ImmortalPablo 4 years ago

    Of all the state representatives in AZ, it just had to be the guy who
    represents my district… (Sigh)

  • John C 4 years ago

    The Bible is clearly against homosexuality. It a sin, abomination, sexual
    immorality, sexual perversion, etc.That doesn’t mean we should disrespect
    or insult gays. We should be showing them the love Christ has shown us, but
    we do not accept their sin as anything other than what it is, sin.You are
    free to be gay in this nation but you are not free to impose that on others
    and call it legitimate “marriage.” That is only between one man and one
    woman. If you want to call it marriage, fine, but don’t expect or force
    others to agree.Davis disagreed and was jailed for it. Many will follow the
    same example.

  • Dayna Gilbert 4 years ago

    who thinks this is funny… the report was only funny because he was making
    fun of someone easily made fun of at the time…

  • Uranium Covington 4 years ago

    The caliphate should be with the pope here in America! Since we want to
    destroy the wall of separation of church and state and build a physical
    border wall

  • Raymond Torres 4 years ago

    I couldn’t care less about the pope tbh.

  • Uranium Covington 4 years ago

    The Catholic Church just makes me completely utterly sick. That dude will
    Parton child molesters, tell kids with HIV aids not to use condoms or
    abortions. While simultaneously telling others to share their wealth while
    they sit on billions of dollars

  • Nate Ryan 4 years ago

    Lol this is awesome

  • fbriones16 4 years ago

    That was a cheap shot colbert…

  • Uranium Covington 4 years ago

    I’m dying of HIV because of catholic stupidity! We should use
    condoms!!!them telling people not to use condoms is destroying the actual
    lives on this planet. I’m lucky because I’ve made it in America, now
    imagine the countless lives that are lost to HIV-AIDS across Africa and
    Asia because the Catholics refusal to use condoms.

  • Weird World 4 years ago

    Good shot. LOL

  • Dara Marc Sasmaz 4 years ago

    Didnt know that the pope got such a media impact in the US. Our usual
    picture of a christian in Europe is of course someone who wants to spread
    love and peace and in modern times that also includes humans of the same
    gender, criticising capitalism and promoting sharing and solidarity plus
    protecting our planet (god’s land and his creation).

  • AnonymousSnails 4 years ago

    Colbert deserves way more subs than this

  • Gabriel Thompson 4 years ago

    People always leave out unfettered from the Popes quote on Capitalism. He
    isn’t “anti-capitalism” or a “commie Marxist”. He is against UNFETTERED
    capitalism, as in 400 people having more money than billions of people
    combined; as in companies having virtual monopolies on their markets; as in
    destroying our environment in the name of profit.
    He is not anti capitalism, he is anti greed. Which is in the bible, and is
    a very well know tenant of Catholicism and Christianity.

  • Ian Reeve 4 years ago

    I love the Colbert ‘joke high 5’. First time I saw it on the Report, I
    nearly fell off my chair!

  • mauarduz 4 years ago

    The faulty english reading part was cheap, come on colbert, you got better
    writers no?

  • Devin Gresham 4 years ago

    we need to name the hand that lives under the desk

  • spoinkel 4 years ago

    Mocking the Pope’s accent was a cheap shot. It’s not like they don’t have
    enough writers to come up with better stuff.

  • bltnewson 4 years ago

    The bit where he made fun of the Pope’s English was funny because it was
    unexpected. The fact that Colbert has the temerity to do that impression
    without cracking up is impressive.

  • RadiantArmy 4 years ago

    “A Pope is always a Pope even when he is pooped!”

  • Tyler Drees 4 years ago

    What was that latin phrase at the 5 min. mark?

  • Mira-ju Seven 4 years ago

    to all the dave letterman and colbert report fans: enjoy

  • Nick Veritas 4 years ago

    The pope is a fallible man. He disrespects me by adding to the Word and
    taking away from the Word. I have zero respect for the man who is
    Biblically an enemy of the Good News. He wants to combine Catholicism with
    global politics. He wants to force me to never work on Sunday. He may
    succeed but i do not like it.

  • adebrysi 4 years ago

    2015 and millions of people still believe in sorcery.

  • Strikerage 4 years ago

    Colbert is looking like he’s got his timing back. looked a little rusty his
    first few episodes, but this was classic Colbert Report. glad he’s sticking
    to the format.

  • Give it up for Jackson Heights own, Mr. Randy Watson 4 years ago

    Republicans consider anything “Questionable” that doesn’t agree with their
    status quo. IE, burning the world to the ground for a quick buck.

  • Thespectre82 4 years ago

    so do republicans hate catholics now?

  • Distracted Observer 4 years ago

    Supercuts test model!


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