Most Disgusting Red Chair Story Ever – The Graham Norton Show

Published on June 30, 2015

Bernie tells an icky story that involves a boat, a hose and an old lady.

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  • The Graham Norton Show 5 years ago

    Bernie tells an icky story that involves a boat, a hose and an old lady.

  • Moon Man 5 years ago

    Whats the blonde girls name?

  • Prin Tana 5 years ago

    Phi Phi is beautiful <3 it could be a rough boat ride in the monsoon
    season, but surely worth it.

  • bluboo8 5 years ago

    what are the rules for telling a story? like if it isn’t funny you get
    flipped ?

  • ferociousfrankie 5 years ago

    Click bait title.

  • Rheinmeister09 5 years ago

    The worst story I’ve heard on GN was when he was on C4 and he used to go
    into the audience for their stories and one guy who had crabs ended up
    giving his mother crabs. Think she got it off the toilet when he sat down
    to do his business. And the guy just laughed like it was funny. Never
    forget that story….disgusting!!!

  • Joe T 5 years ago

    phuket to phi phi, roughest ferry ride EVER, Thank god I was so drugged up
    on anti emetics I was fine, but when I went, half the boat did get sick!

  • Armond Nero 5 years ago

    ehh…. whos the chick in the bad outfit? she reminds me of a 6 year old on
    Halloween or a kid playing in her mothers make up… shes tring to hard to
    be edgy

  • BarneysKiller00 5 years ago

    Rita Ora, what’re you wearing…

  • Brad M 5 years ago

    I read hose as horse and Im thinking as she tells the story, how the heck
    is the horse on the boat and about to get involved.

  • salmonfaky 5 years ago

    lewis hamilton is a dickhead and rita ora’s fit


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