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Published on May 6, 2022

It’s commencement season and the kids are really getting creative with the messages on their mortarboards.

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  • Dr. Ryan 11 months ago

    At my job as a Chef at Crackr Berral I smell each food item before giving it to a waitres. I sniff as hard as possible so I can smell your food before you eat it. Sometimes my nose touches your food if I get to close. You are eating food that has been sniffed by me hard

  • New Message 11 months ago

    “I survived a school sh..” I can’t make out the rest, it’s full of holes.

  • Computer Star 11 months ago


  • Big Daddy Joe 11 months ago

    Great show Bill!!!!! Love Michele Tafoya! So Hot!!!! Keep it up!!!!

  • R N 11 months ago

    If you haven’t been following the fetal tissue research practices at the University of Pittsburgh, check it out.

  • Sam 11 months ago

    I think Michele Tafoya is a solid guest, she brings a opposing view that is rational and valid. You may not agree with her, but she speaks to others in a fair back and forth way, not demeaning, but constructive. I don’t support what she says often, but that’s the kind of dialogue we need.

  • barn owl 11 months ago

    CNN is being sued by the repair shop owner that came forward with the hunter Biden laptop which is legit

  • Sylvain Beaulieu 11 months ago

    I thought for sure we were going to see one that said : “Can’t wait for Mickey and Goofy Going At It”

  • batgurrl 11 months ago

    Bill, these mid show ‘palette cleansers’ never fail to amuse me. If only masks protected your from gonorrhea.😆

  • Onyx 11 months ago

    Black Alma Maters

  • Big Chief 11 months ago

    Good to see Bill still has faith in the American education system.

  • 64standardtrickyness 11 months ago

    Gonna start a ****storm if gender is a social construct why do gender studies majors tell us how to think about gender? A psychologistdoesn’t tell people how to act.

  • Prem_ Pc 11 months ago

    Bill’s the Best

  • Trucmuche 11 months ago

    Land of hope and glory
    Mother of the free
    How shall we extol thee
    Who are born of thee

    Wider still and wider
    Shall thy bounds be set
    God who made thee mighty
    Make thee mightier yet
    God who made thee mighty
    Make thee mightier yet

    It sounds like most US students are true British patriots…


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