More Sexual Misconduct Allegations Against Brett Kavanaugh | The Daily Show

Published on September 16, 2019

More alarming stories of Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s sexual misconduct come to light, prompting some Democrats to call for his removal from the Supreme Court and the president to keep protecting his SCOTUS pick.



  • Laura Wieng 1 year ago

    Nah, groundless sexual allegations are a well-known and boring tactic used by Dems and fake news against those who have different beliefs. It didn’t work then, it won’t work now. The baseless case of Christine “crazy” Ford is one example. It failed spectacularly.

  • xyzz Doe 1 year ago

    No, Trump knows what the justice department is all about, and he’s successfully co-opted it. It’s the end of democracy in the US.

  • X Y 1 year ago

    Wonder what Susan Collins was thinkin’ about this.. oh wait, she doesn’t. Else she’d not have confirmed him.

  • Audiwan Kenobi 1 year ago

    It was hard to listen to this story because of how much I just don’t care but I luv me some Trevor Noah tho!

  • IRGeekSauce 1 year ago

    Comedy shows are perfect political tools. I feel sorry for the hosts, being such pawns.

  • Overglock 1 year ago

    3 years in and you’re just now coming to the conclusion that Trump doesn’t know how the Justice Department works?

  • Mark Waldron 1 year ago

    Wait till Kavanaugh sleeps with Sophia Chua-Rosenfeld, his newest clerk, assuming he hasn’t already. Which will result in the Chinese intel services just coincidentally getting their hands on video of that dalliance (since that’s Sophia’s entire purpose in being on Kavanaugh’s staff, having been placed there by her psychotic mother Amy Chua, who is an asset of Beijing). After which Xi Jinping will find himself the proud new owner of his very own Supreme Court justice. Just as he already owns our current Senate Majority Leader and the latter’s wife, our current Secretary of Transportation, who the House has just opened a Congressional hearing about.

  • henrylepeley79 1 year ago

    All false. It has been proven.

    Why not do piece on whether Ginsburg is alive today or not?

  • Shivanshu Purohit 1 year ago

    There was no evidence, you piece of shit. I have decided to come out and say Trevor Noah touched my balls. Boom. Jail this piece of shit.

  • Reid Buchanan 1 year ago

    Ted Cruz looks like bigfoot

  • EinChris75 1 year ago

    Don’t worry. He got his seat. He will never ever leave.
    To get rid of him, a 2/3 majority in Senate is needed. No way. This will ever happen.
    He could have eaten children alive and still be in court.

  • Chase 1 year ago

    Bernie Sanders molested me 20 years ago. Please believe all victims.

  • Darren Brown 1 year ago

    More allegations and “stories” with no evidence. Love the liberal smear campaigns.

  • just me 1 year ago

    Cut Kavanaugh’s balls off

  • Asim Khan 1 year ago

    We said bring your famous DIP! Lol

  • Laura O'Chamney 1 year ago

    It’s said, with their irrational hatred against Trump, Trump haters are mentally ill.

  • TheTaintedWisdom 1 year ago

    Am I the only one that feels that the FBI should be allowed a *full* investigation this time, *BEFORE* calling for Kavanaugh’s impeachment? I get that a person with detestable accusations being appointed by a detestable man doesn’t speak well for Kavanaugh’s conduct with his testicles, but having all the facts going forward would not only be, ya know, the right fucking thing to do. But also provide credence to the notion that Republicans were deliberately rushing Brett through the system so that he could be appointed before his actions were discovered and reported, which, yeah, of course they did, but Republicans won’t believe that unless we *know* what he did.

  • ImaginaryMdA 1 year ago

    You know what, this world has gone INSANE!
    I still RELY on the PRESIDENT of the USA!!!
    If TRUMP says Kavanaugh is innocent, then I know for a FACT!

    …that he is guilty.

  • Vile J3ster 1 year ago

    I thought we were done with this dude. He’s still getting hit with ish. Can’t even.

  • richard mohammed 1 year ago

    The ‘Eric’ jokes seem neverending. Hahahahahah


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