Monologue: Tweet Sorrow | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)

Published on June 2, 2018

Bill recaps the top stories of the week, including Roseanne’s firing, Samantha Bee’s chastisement, and North Korea’s latest overtures.

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  • Robert Dornan 11 months ago


  • Luke Gosselin 11 months ago

    So glad Jeremy Scahill doesn’t work for this twat or his shit show.

  • Benjamin G.L. 11 months ago

    “I’ve already been fired by ABC” 😂😂😂

  • Waynesha Smith 11 months ago


  • Anant Raman 11 months ago

    When I saw how easily conservatives began worshipping Roseanne just because she turned from a strong leftie to a Trump supporter. She has mental problems, and how fitting that now she fits with all the other mentally challenged people .

  • The Hellfire Club! 11 months ago

    Rosanne Barr is a testament to Trumps America – a racist, sexist and xenophobic country! And to think, thousands of Americans died in WW2 to eradicate racism…….sad to think the country is truly spitting on their graves.

    Well done America 😉

  • DCrobbery 11 months ago

    Politicon should hold a debate between Bill Maher and Ann Coulter. I would pay to see that

  • Friggin Alien 11 months ago

    Mmmm no… Mexicans have better taste.

  • brainflash1 11 months ago

    I want them both to go away. It’s high time Bee felt the repercussions of her zero tolerance policy about harassing women. She and Roseanne both need to pull their heads out of their asses and realize they’re not above criticism.

  • Venice Beach Sports Network 11 months ago

    What’s black and white black and white black and white?

    A nun falling down stairs 😂

  • Jose Jose 11 months ago

    Trump: Ha! Ivanka DOESN’T have freckles on her… oh,btw. Melania is doing fine.. She’s Happy and saying SI,SI LIBRÉ AL FIN!

  • S Bassett 11 months ago

    Great feck. Great feck.

  • Battle of Valmy 11 months ago

    Conservative snowflakes are all triggered because of just a word and now they all want Sam to be fired. Not so pro free speech after all are they

  • Juan Snow 11 months ago

    Orange and gassy 🤣🤣

  • Kelly Hilton 11 months ago

    Thats right-dont be comin round them Trumptards with all that readin’ and writin’ and learnin’ ‘of facts. LOL!

  • Vendo piñas 11 months ago

    It warms my heart to think that a few of those rednecks were expecting some sort of apology from Bill, (the morons really thought he was gonna get fired). So they got here, clicked on the video and then BOOM the ape comparison is back!! 💙

  • jennybugsification13 11 months ago

    Barr said something racist, Bee said something offensive… apples and huuuge orange balls! Not the same.


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