Monologue: Toxic Femininity | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)



  • Tom Cunningham 2 years ago

    All this “toxic” verbage is Newspeak. Not too long ago we had men and women, some of those men were bastards and some of those women were bitches. People think it sound smarter when they make shit up I guess.

  • Depesch Moses 2 years ago

    Fuck yes! Go HARD!

  • Remington597man 2 years ago

    BL dont matter

  • I MadliliDkr 2 years ago

    I don’t always agree with you but you hit it on the nail.
    I have alopecia and know plenty of people with alopecia, WE DEAL WITH IT, we don’t have our husbands slap anyone that makes a funny comment/joke.
    Famous millionaires (nothing wrong with having money), insecure, people that like to play “victims” are pathetic.
    I know more dirt poor people that have more earned pride and respect than these idiots.

  • Hayden Ross 2 years ago

    I’m a supervisor in a factory and I have about 160 people under me on my shift. Over the past 14 years, of doing this job, I have heard a lot of different people’s opinions on things. I can say that this is the first time I have ever heard a group of grown men talking about someone’s (Will Smith) wife like a bunch of women gossiping at a nursing home. I don’t know the full story about his wife and I don’t care to know it.– men used to talk about cars, hunting, fishing, guns, sports, or some home improvement project at their house. When did men start caring about a celebrities marriage? I must’ve missed that memo. I swear the anti-woke people now whine louder than the woke people .– I didn’t think that was possible.

  • P Balix 2 years ago

    I knew it was toxic femininity. Just look how evil x scorned Jada looks

  • Steven S 2 years ago

    Truth funny

  • Debbie Cahorshak 2 years ago

    I wouldn’t have known the Oscars even happened if the slap hadn’t happened.

  • The Riff Writer 2 years ago

    I was married to the kind of women who expected me to assault every gas station clerk who shorted her a dime. I can tell you I knew by the look on her face the only way Will would’ve had permission to enjoy one of the best nights of his life was to do what he did. So the way I see it Will didn’t slap Rock. Jada did!

  • Stephanie Cornwell 2 years ago

    Bill you lost my follow/subscribe tonight. You are awful.

  • Laetyn Jordan 2 years ago


  • Gulf War 2 years ago

    I just can’t make myself believe that the incident was real. Seems like a publicity stunt.

  • DeskieFam 2 years ago

    Wait…so the guy who did an entire New Rule about “Toxic Masculinity” and wanted “Men to be men” apparently doesn’t like a guy who stuck up for his wife. Hmmm….A hypocrite me thinks.


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