Monologue: Tone Def | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)

Published on August 13, 2021

Bill recaps the top issues of the week, including NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s resignation and the backlash to former President Obama’s big birthday bash.

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  • Steven S 3 years ago

    This reminds me of when comedians had balls.

  • Susan Beasley 3 years ago

    joking about raping girls and women.

  • Tito Dunklin 3 years ago

    Bill Maher had me weak with ‘u just can’t fuck to it’

  • Don Transue 3 years ago

    500,000 dead from overdoses.

  • Rick Esteves 3 years ago

    I wonder how many people contracted COVID at Obama’s party?

  • Vicious Virago 3 years ago

    I like Maher but his language is appalling.

  • booth family 3 years ago

    What was the train wreck Donna Brazile doing on the show?

  • Michael McDonald 3 years ago

    NO hypocrisy in a massive party but i literally have to show papers to go to a bar…. When the tyranny ends for the rest of us then i wont care….i guess were just unsophisticated unsuccessful peasants that do not deserve the pursuit of happiness.

  • Kingeptacon 3 years ago

    Oh how the mighty have fallen.

  • m daley 3 years ago

    What a sniveling coward

  • TheReedable 3 years ago

    Lol so don’t punish one successful man, but punish less worthy unknown citizens… Fuck you Maher

  • Paul Ecosse 3 years ago

    Bill really is tone deaf these days, such a shame.

  • J J 3 years ago

    so it’s all bad news, democrats in the center of it all. To stay one step ahead, let’s downplay it in silly comedy to make it sound less serious in case people heard it on the news..

  • Hayden Davidson 3 years ago

    If that’s Trumps son, woe be to him, the press would go on and on and then would come the law suits and criminal investigations. But Jnr. Butt head Biden gets a joke and then…. Nothin’. It’s hypocrisy.

  • Jay Muzquiz 3 years ago

    The problem isn’t that Obama had a celebration, as you said this is America, anyone should celebrate what ever ocassion they want. The problem is they’re telling the rest of us that we can’t! The rest of us deplorable’s, smelling Wal-Mart shoppers, and if we do, it’s only because we’re racist and want people to die. That’s the problem.

  • Minh Vu 3 years ago

    We don’t want to “punish success” but Obama clearly got his success from his presidency and is now part of a larger group of liberal elites that are partying it up while asking everyone else to continue distancing. I’m aware that it’s normal for DC bureaucrats to enrich themselves from their positions and connections but Obama at one point it time was supposed to be different.

  • Remedy 3 years ago

    Nice to see Bill finally taking a few swipes at the obvious degenerates on his own team, guess those glasses really were a vast improvement

  • ThisWholeWorld100 3 years ago

    And yet he supports Bumbling Biden.


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