Monologue: Tested, Masked, and Spread Apart | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)

Published on September 11, 2020

Bill recaps the news of the week in front of his first in-studio audience in months.

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  • Ganiscol 6 months ago

    I hear they invited all the drunk neighing horses of the past to this audience 😑

  • johnbeechy 6 months ago

    Folks.. no Joke, Its Joker that u not get infected any time Just prior to the election. unless u vote by mail .. but in person will ensure the vote is counted..// if u get infected u will be quarantined for 14 days and could miss the election .. so be aware of the danger of going outside during these last few weeks..//

  • Crist 6 months ago

    Remember when Bill Maher was funny? aahhhh, those were the days…

  • johnbeechy 6 months ago

    3:15 (a Bible ref) Lol. nice timing the wrong people keep reproducing. iol.. ok aso mary was with JC and wombed Him out.,. //l;ooololol/
    but here is Duh rub.. any body can be trained into a THING that can operate a machine or conjure a want without war as an instrument so the real quest should be to not not be but make believe by Way of making and learning to make
    and c v them that hate to render as per the needs of the State and agreed Upon by the Founders under article one section eight point one of the USA Constitution. / God Bless and be well. God loves atheists that can Kill it../ Joke not Joker.

  • SLowMercy 6 months ago

    Not my Halloween!

  • johnbeechy 6 months ago

    there are unconfirmed reports hat in hand that the trump will some how have cops and national non guards but in uniforms, go out and test and test and if the person looks like to vote for DEM, they are called “infected” and then cant leave their home or the new stay here locations.. to replace the immigrant prison camps.. and the voters cant vote as they are sick as per the paperwork./ be aware of your second amendment right to protect the State security..//

  • just me 6 months ago

    His socially distanced audience sound even more like trained seals than usual

  • johnbeechy 6 months ago

    and there are calls for all haters of themselves to not use guns and not shoot up their schools.. they can go get the virus and then try that method four percent death rate for the infected and no charges are filed.. // just saying.. kids leave the guns at home.. if u want to be a small g god.. flow and go and get the sick and then play the walking dead but No Guns. Matthew 26:52 and u might even walk away be winner not the TV dinner

  • wickedceltics 6 months ago

    wow, you are really bad. ouch. yikers island. did you lose all of your writers? jesus christ.

  • johnbeechy 6 months ago

    think twice cause its just another day in pair of dice../

  • SuperHeroLifestyle TV 6 months ago

    Disses his audience first day back.. asshole

  • Mr. Bongs BurgH 6 months ago

    The devil was born in California thats why its on fire

  • Johannes Geurts 6 months ago

    Vote Biden: Fifty-five percent say what Trump has said about the protests makes the situation worse; just 13% believe he’s making the situation better.
    Independent reseach proves 93% of US legal protests are peaceful.
    Plus many thousands around the world in many cities, the majority white people. Vote Biden.

  • nongthip 6 months ago

    I currently live in northern Thailand where it is now clean green wet season, but every “Summer” which here is March-April-May the air is filled with smoke and ash due to widespread fires due to farmers and paid-off hilltribe people to clear land for cash crops. I’m originally from the Pacific Northwest (PNW) and have family in Portland, Olympia and Seattle so very sympathetic with the current smoke situation combined with social unrest. Stay safe everyone!

  • Sean Akari 6 months ago

    Love the insurance joke! And the vibe of the audience is great!

  • Ismael Aguilar 6 months ago

    “It’s snowing ash”
    Silent hill BILL, f-ing SILENT HILL

  • starless mystery 6 months ago

    Loved the axe body joke. That stuff was ughhhh

  • Mason G. 6 months ago

    dead man walkin’. COVID coming for this one.

  • Indio Atlacatl 6 months ago

    Priceless Nancy Pelosi have to use candles to fix her hair, Welcome to the Trump Train , God Bless Our Country & Presidente Donald Trump Latinos for Trump 2020.

  • Susan Higgs 6 months ago

    What’s your favorite strain of grass that’s been getting you through these last 4 years? I count the campaign time in 2016 before the election in those 4 years. My favorites?
    I have two..Monster Cookies and Dog Walker (bud from the dog must be grown in Portland, Oregon or close by.)
    Loved all of your shows from the very first one, because you thought about things like I thought about things, and you used swear words!! You used them appropriately and where needed. Like…Jerry Hall goes from hubby Mick Jagger to hubby Rupert Murdoch…wtf??
    OR…The orange howler monkey (my name for the prez) in a surprise move this Sunday morning began.pulling US Forces from northern Syria.
    This exposes our staunch Allies, the Kurds, to almost guaranteed slaughter, and kisses the asses of BOTH Putin and Turkey’s Erdogan…giving Turkey the unprotected Kurds to kill so they can control the land.
    You reply…WHAT THE FUCK??!!!
    You show your brain is furious about the right issues.
    But really, Jerry , what the fuck were you thinking??!!
    I was born and raised in Los Angeles, the actual city LA, not a suburb. I now live or trying to live in Washington state. I moved here for 1. The weed
    2. It’s green and the air seems fresh on the Pacific Coast.
    3. I love wearing boots, tight jeans, and cool jackets and you can do that in Washington all year round.
    Well, it’s so long because I got so stoned smoking an infused pre-rolled joint from a local grower of very fine weed, The Happy Cannabis. Wow, yeah…you rock Bill Maher and I think we’re the same age.

  • rexire3240 6 months ago

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