Monologue: Putin Problems | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)

Published on September 23, 2022

Bill reacts to the top stories of the week, including the escalation of Putin’s assault on Ukraine and President Biden’s declaration that the pandemic is over.

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  • Matris Gallus 6 months ago

    If Russia knows how to do anything, it’s a Purge.

  • T B 6 months ago

    Hey Bill??? What is it with you and your belt buckle, you keep touching it?????😄😄😄

  • Marc Childs 6 months ago

    Love Bill. But, the audience is hooting again. Please stop them. It’s crass, vulgar and annoying. Laugh, applaud, but stop hooting like louts

  • Father Gabriel Stokes 6 months ago

    The pandemic was over a long time ago for me

  • Eric Picard 6 months ago

    high interest lol. They have to set up for those *record votes* again

  • Rosekel Ptyltd 6 months ago

    300plus people are dying of the china virus every day in the u s , so no dumb ass its definitely over , dahh

  • Mark Bantz 6 months ago

    Bill should never comment on health issues. It only makes him sound stupid!

  • vilstef 6 months ago

    The defenestration of anyone who opposed Putin.

  • William Vorkosigan 6 months ago

    Yeah, Putin throws people out of windows. Biden just sends the FBI around to harass opponents, mobs to harass Senators and Congressmen in restaurants and mobs to the homes of Supreme Courte Justices.

  • Dan Buell 6 months ago

    Saying that Covid was over 18 months ago is an insult to millions of people who lost loved ones in that period – my father-in-law died from it 8 weeks ago – Bill, you’re dead wrong about this – I’m with you on so many things but this casual disregard for loss of life is hard to watch week after week – maybe you’ll lose someone you love in a few weeks and get a clue…

  • Hiberno Pithecus 6 months ago

    Democracy’s not going away. It’s just moving into the category of things Americans hate because they don’t do it but other countries do, like football you play with your actual feet.

  • Siavash Saadlou 6 months ago

    Nothing about Iran? Seriously?!!

  • lotsofcurveslover 6 months ago

    Yep, only 400 people dying everyday (146,000/year) from COVID. Definitely over.

  • boysdon’tcry 6 months ago

    I like Bill, but these jokes are pretty lame.

  • THE SIXTH CHAMBER 6 months ago

    The legends are back. The type of bands that should actually be on late night shows as opposed to the talentless hipster garbage.

  • Eduardo Grasso TV 6 months ago

    And then WH press secretary said he was just distracted by cars and lights or whatever

  • no one worth knowing 6 months ago

    I don’t think I’m ever going to stop wearing my mask. I love it, I don’t have to smell people as much anymore and I’m not breathing in all of the other germs they’re all carrying. But most importantly, it makes people stare and give me dirty looks. Which means they are looking at me long enough for me to know that I control their minds. I control what they think about. I inserted myself squarely in their minds where I will stay long after they walk past me. Knowing that I am causing all that anger and rage and irrational fear, I absolutely love it. I love when people just freely hand me that power over them.

  • Loonaverse 6 months ago

    sheep clapping hooves

  • - Amos C. Presley - 6 months ago

    Wtf? 🤣🤣😅😂😂😂😅

  • Artifacts and Big Racks 6 months ago

    “The pandemic was done a year and a half ago”. Yep that’s right . No need for it , now that the Bad orange man is gone. Convenient isn’t it


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