Monologue: Price of Admission | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)

Published on March 16, 2019

Bill recaps the top stories of the week, including a college admissions scandal and Beto O’Rourke’s foray into the 2020 presidential race.

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  • Paul Wyatt 5 days ago

    Adolf Twitler wants to be president for life, like his idols Kim, Putin and Xi.

  • Jason Milton 5 days ago

    Trump has gone full blown Dictator this week…. If he is reelected than there will be a 2nd Civil War over here..

  • New Message 5 days ago

    Trump definitely outright threatened armed revolution.

    You’ve said it 100 times, and you were right every time, Bill.. He is not leaving that Office willingly, or peacefully.

    And this is why Russia really helped him. Not to pump him for secrets, or get rid of NATO, or even to lift sanctions…. but to have America tear itself apart from the inside.

    You’re helping Russia destroy your glorious Nation, there Righties. You’re doing all the legwork for them. So much winning.

  • Bugman_oO 5 days ago

    America – You weird.

  • Andre Vlasov 5 days ago

    First 5min were so so cringy 😆 at least he is scared🤞he’s opening monologue was a miss

  • Brad 5 days ago

    Bernie 2020

  • Martinni Bataan 5 days ago

    Trump is idiot Americas messiah
    They all want to have his babys
    The stupid knows no bounds and will burn the whole damn country to the ground in the end

  • David Kempton 5 days ago

    “…a YouTube booty blogger,: you say?

  • Real Patriot 5 days ago


  • Face Off 5 days ago

    *Make America Great Again Impeach Donald J Trump*

  • Harmony Jones 5 days ago

    Don’t worry, Bill. The Military might split somewhat in the event of a civil war but they’re actually there to protect the constitution, not Republicans, and protect the weak from those who seek to deny them of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, and I’m willing to bet a great many of them would remember that. But I do recommend Democrats start buying assault rifles! Furthermore, at most Trump has 60 million citizens who’ll fight for him. There are 325 million in America, leaving 265 million to fight against that 60 million. It’ll be fun!


  • Frank A 5 days ago

    Well Trump needs to remember that civil wars weren’t won by electoral votes.

  • Made in America 5 days ago

    Bill must have switched strains, he’s tongue tied.

  • JOKER FACE 5 days ago


  • Tacet the Terror 5 days ago

    Trump would sooner let America burn to ashes than leave the presidency.

  • NPC AFRO 5 days ago


  • Willverinerage 5 days ago

    “that’s a joke everyone WE’RE FUCKED!” lol!!!!!!!!!

  • Stephanie Smith 5 days ago

    Bill is trying to manage his nose touching tick now his jaw is going wild… lay off the blow and stick with weed Maher!

  • Gray Mid 5 days ago

    The right wing is full of hypocrites, who accuse other people of what they do themselves. The last example of it is Tucker Carlson. Not only did he praise the child rape, but in his old radio interviews , he said :
    -“I’m like extraordinarily loaded from money I inherited from trust funds..I’ve never needed to work”
    -Jokes about abusing his ‘servants’
    This from the guy who rails every night against ‘elitism’ and claims to represent the American worker. Total fraud. Here is the link :
    And media should talk about this more, they don’t and this is a mistake, because public opinion is overwhelmed by this hatred, streotypes, conspiracy theories, lies. The right wing throws at us lie after lie and yet the liberals are still not able to properly expose these lies of the right wing. Enough !
    The right wing was also so mad at Smollett and analyzed his case non-stop, so why nobody says anything now about Jacob Wohl? He faked a crime too, bu he is white. Jacob Wohl will avoid Fox New Smollet-rage because he was smart enough to fake his hate crime while bein ‘white. Where is Ben Shapiro now? Hypocrites.
    Republicans repeat that there is only one narrative everywhere. But what is the narrative on Fox News? What is the political narrative of millions of youtube accounts that spread ultra-right ideology, conspiracy theories, ordinary lies, slander people? Trump’s cultists are like zombies, shouting after their master ” Fake news! Maga! ”. Like robots. So no, those who oppose Trump are just normal people and not about any political narrative, just decent people, who oppose lies – Trump is a pathological liar and this is a fact, they oppose hatred, incompetence, chaos, crimes, because this administration is the most corrupt, immoral administration full of hypocrites.


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