Monologue: National Emergency! | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)

Published on February 16, 2019

Bill recaps the top stories of the week, including President Trump’s declaration of a “national emergency” in order to build a border wall.

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  • Da Hawk 1 year ago

    McConnell should be impeached for enabling the insanity.

  • Phil Ricci 1 year ago

    Trump supporters…..the stupidest people on the planet.

  • ursaltydog 1 year ago

    McConnell is the textbook “enabler”…

  • dollores 1 year ago

    Trump should have just raked the border more.

  • Rusty Shackleford 1 year ago

    Trump needs to seize full control now. Bill Maher said that what he wants to do. Time to play clean up.

  • Dananjay Anandan 1 year ago

    National Emergencies are like dildos. they should not be used by Trump they should be used on him.

  • M Gaming 1 year ago

    It’s getting pathetic at this point, still telling the same lazy jokes that Christopher hitchens called him out for like a decade ago!and all of you that are laughing and clapping like circus seal’s are the most ignorant and uninformed people I’ve ever seen! it’s just sad that this is what the world is coming to!

  • bbodinefan11 1 year ago

    You liberals are so easy.

  • darttoyou1 1 year ago

    Kock bros have done to McConnell what they tried to do to John Boehner. You’re either our little bitch boy or you’re ruined. Boehner took the alcohol and bowed out, but not shithole Kenfucky boy.

  • 0kissMYbASS 1 year ago

    Build the wall. Proud of my president.

  • Kristine Danielsen 1 year ago

    Notice how fucko puts people in positions for when he gets into trouble/family that they can either stop the investigation or lighten a sentance.That ass doesnt care about usa and think about all the people that are suffering and FLINT still had lead in thete water.Dear god!

  • Steven Bennett 1 year ago

    Yeah the Russians have a tape of trump and two Russian prostitute s peeing on bed and Trump has a video tape of most major republican senators…Mitch McConnel s tape is what appears to be a turkey deepthroating a turtle…it’s unverified though due to not being able to tell which one is Mitch they both look alike…

  • asdf asdf 1 year ago

    The good thing about the wall is that it will significantly decrease child trafficking which is probably the most hideous crime that occurs very frequently over the southern border. Not saying I agree but it is something that will be decreased by the wall.

  • Seth Thomas 1 year ago

    Bill ‘the pedo satan worshipper’ Maher.

  • the1onlynoob 1 year ago

    Democracy? Demo-crazy!

  • Freckled Korican 1 year ago

    The House is a slam dunk to override the declaration, but the Senate needs a little nudge to get them over that wall. What we need is a Democrat or heck, even a Republican with great storytelling skills.
    The Senator gets up to the podium, asks everyone to close their eyes, and says, “Imagine the President. Can everyone picture him? Now, imagine him saying we need to build a wall covering the U.S.-Mexican border stretching from California to Texas. I know it’ll cost billions and billions of dollars and take years and years to build, but it’s going to be beautiful. I’ll have to take away land from U.S. citizens, so they’ll have to move from their homes they may have had for generations. It’s okay because I think, and many, many people agree with me, including those landowners, it’s a national emergency. I mean, I don’t need to do this. I just need to do this faster. Can everyone see the President saying this? Can you see him? Now, imagine it’s President Obama saying this.”

    I’m sure all the Republicans would snap out of their reveries in a panic and vote to override the declaration.

  • John LaFrance 1 year ago

    Fuck calling a nursing home. This fucker should have been swinging from the gallows long ago. Enough already! We deserve justice now!

  • Daniel Bohatkiewicz 1 year ago

    Chris Titus talked about when the shit hits the fan people who have been through some stuff know to get out of the way of the fan. All the lil “normal” people who haven’t had to deal with anything their lives, when the storm hits BBBBBBBP!!!!! and you have to look at them and go “Um you got a lil something right here on your face,”. Well the fans cranking up and that ain’t no normal dark cloud it’s a shitstorm on it’s way.

  • Ross Carlson 1 year ago

    *Everyone needs to focus on this – the only truth that Trumptard has ever spoken.*

  • Spencer Calvert 1 year ago

    Mexico might build the wall to keep the stupid North Americans out if we continue down this rabbit hole of trumps


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