Monologue: Insane in the Ukraine | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)



  • Nozomi Sasaki 2 years ago

    I can’t wait until China, Russia etc. band together and liberate we Americans/westerners from this oligarchical prison state.

  • TheGiantburger 2 years ago

    Watching our propaganda machine pretend Ukraine is winning by losing has been a highlight.

  • Mark Skarzynski 2 years ago

    Acquire WMDs??? They already had nukes and gave them up. Then a whole series of unintelligible things happened and now Russia is going back in. It’s pretty simple in that none of anything makes sense except for a distraction from the complete collapse of the covid narrative.

  • Stevin Harper 2 years ago

    Biden isn’t doing enough. He’s said if Taiwan is attacked we will defend them but ig that’s the only non NATO democracy we will defend

  • Fuck Katuas 2 years ago

    Prayers for Russia.

  • Put on these glasses 2 years ago

    Well Russia couldn’t complete their pipeline without Biden but we can’t have one. That will teach Russia a lesson and when those sanctions kick in Putin will be crying Uncle Joe.

  • HighTide • 🌑 🌕 2 years ago

    Trumpicans support Putin and blame Biden. In all matters.

  • The Beta Whispserer 2 years ago

    How can anyone not feel like Biden played a part in this?

  • John Hein 2 years ago

    He didn’t get a lot of laughs when he mentioned Biden’s presidency being part of Russia’s decision making behind invading a country America once said they’d back in such a situation. Yeah, I do think a younger president like Obama who has a lot more piss and vinegar would have given a lot of people a lot more pause, instead of a president Putin thinks he can subdue with a threat, and might. But sure yeah man, just make a joke how it means conservatives are impotent and racist. I’m not conservative, I’m just pro conversation.

  • Bugen4 2 years ago

    If this were to happen under President Trump, people would be so quick to blame President Trump.
    But because this is happening under Biden, it’s totally not his fault.
    Nope, let’s still blame Trump.

  • SAM chandler 2 years ago

    Best title ever…

  • hello mynameis 2 years ago

    im pretty sure putin invaded because of the bio labs the US has in Ukraine and im sure after this post its gonna be removed because the United States hate the truth being aired out

  • T 2 years ago

    Putin is Antifa. He’s anti-fascist.

  • The One Ton Hammer 2 years ago

    Weak leaders make tough times, Bill.

  • Ted Berwick 2 years ago

    Policy of biden raised price oil and gas fund Putin’s war! He never could afford this under Trump’s energy policy!
    The fact we incontinent AlZHEIMER’S PATIENT in “charge”is open invitation to enemies!

  • tess dean 2 years ago

    sorry bill you guys sh@T all over trump for 4 years –the democrats wouldn’t let go of covid–forced you to wear a mask–let BLM burn down our cites . We had a great economy ,low gas, no mandates, secure borders and no wars –now well now you have the OPPOSITE and if this were trump and Russia invaded the Ukraine you would have said trump was in on it .

  • Dee Shan 2 years ago

    Bill and John Oliver are in a league of their own when it comes to intelligent commentary. I watched all of the late night hosts try to find some humor in this awful time and it wasn’t close. The Kanye/Kim/Pete comparison was so accurate lol.


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