Monologue: Freedom! | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)

Published on June 25, 2021

Bill recaps the top issues of the week, including the #FreeBritney movement, the Supreme Court’s First Amendment ruling and the GOP’s voting rights blockade.

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  • tim72184 5 months ago

    Bill has a cough that won’t quit.

  • Mike John 5 months ago

    Just upload the full monolouge. What is wrong with you people ?

  • Austin Hall 5 months ago

    The openly gay NFL player probably made a mistake. All the Trumper players on other teams will target him.

  • Radical Vlogs 5 months ago

    3:14 Wrong literally most if the NFL was supportive of Michael Sam when he came out as gay which was like 5 years ago.

  • John Townsend 5 months ago

    “Nothing is broken”. So says Moscow Mitch about the election process. When the minority senate leader starts spouting stuff like this I really begin to wonder what he takes us for. He’s so wrong! GOP state governors en mass are rapidly implementing extreme voter suppression legislation. It is straight out ‘power-grab’ maneuvering, no question. How can he say there’s no problem with this happening before our very eyes! McConnell has no credibility … NONE!

  • Jacob Sims 5 months ago

    That Wizard of Oz joke killed, what is wrong with this audience??

  • J Paul 5 months ago

    Hey, Maher, if you’re a “freedom” buff, you better take a good look around at what’s going on with cancel culture, social media censorship, selective prosecutions
    (antifa rioters good, Capitol rioters bad), and out-of-control crime in our cities, where people aren’t “free” to walk the streets anymore after dark, or any time for that matter. And that NFL gay player? Congrats one day, cancelled the next because he voted for Trump. Finally, how dare the racist GOP believe minorities are just as capable of getting a photo ID or stand in line to vote like everybody else?

  • Ban Me Again 5 months ago

    The bitches at the Girl Scouts? What’s this man mean by that?

  • Stonemansteve III 5 months ago

    See?!! Trump really DID make America great again!!!

  • David Edgar 5 months ago

    Bill your b.s. on Israel has been going on too long.
    Time to call out your BS Israeli position.
    I’ve worked for the Jewish Federation and other Jewish groups. The feeling then was against such terrible justice issues conftonting the theft of Palsestamisn

  • Gary Ha 5 months ago

    Freedom except for those who disagree with you is totalitarianism

  • Joycelyn Burke 5 months ago

    Yes yes yes

  • Satvik Gupta 5 months ago

    “No it dies in the senate”

  • Mikey F 5 months ago

    Texas all about freedom.
    Except for weed.
    Weird, right?

  • platinum014 5 months ago

    Bill always acting like the government was rainbows and tulips before Trump came along messed it all up.

  • Anithedude 5 months ago

    But then he said he was Republican and Twitter leftist went apeshit crazy against him so there is also that lol

  • Ectraordinary 5 months ago

    Then is Tarantino….

  • Justin Fuller 5 months ago

    Unless we have a citizen’s blockchain to verify and conduct elections, given all the shit that has happened and continues to happen, I don’t trust any government or their corporate masters.

  • Dentsun4228 5 months ago

    wasnt michael sam the first out nfl player? this was a few years back.

  • New Message 5 months ago

    I’m sure Rudy’s high school will consider pulling his diploma next.


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