Monologue: Formula None | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)



  • Christopher Mcgarry 1 year ago

    You’re better than this Bill. I’ve seen it

  • Alton Humes 1 year ago


  • Phil Robertson 1 year ago

    All the 30, 40 somethings hooting for 3rd trimester, your sleepless nights await you. Euthanasia. Read recent history. If you’re at least drawing pension from the gov’t by then? Ohh God. Be careful what you wish for

  • Nancy 1 year ago

    You are getting so old Bill.

  • Nature33 1 year ago

    Even a cheap length monologue to go with it

  • Bob Jones 1 year ago

    “Not only are we gonna make you carry the baby to term, we gonna make you breast feed the thing.”

    Ah, good? If you think the unborn child is a human being than getting rid of abortion is a good thing, and breastfeeding is almost always the best thing for a baby.

  • Joe Jr. Michaels 1 year ago

    “The little THING”????……I think it is called a precious baby

  • Rohan James 1 year ago

    He agrees with trump more than trump

  • Bullettube 1 year ago

    I remember the gas lines in 1970 when gas went from 25 cents a gallon to a dollar a gallon. That’s a 300% increase where as gas going from $3 a gallon to $4 a gallon is only a 25% increase. In 1970 I drove e my father-in-laws’ cab on weekends and spending $20 instead of $5 to fill the tank really cut into my profits. As for baby formula, the stores can’t stock for more then a week or two because formula has a limited shelf life. You can’t feed babies plain milk, it’s not nutritional enough and if the baby has special needs only a specific formula will do. The current shortage actually started a month ago when a huge recall occurred because of bacterial contamination. For parents this shortage is no laughing matter!

  • Brandon 1 year ago

    Making America Poor Again 🙁

  • Quantumese Boy 1 year ago

    Also keep in mind that this help to Ukraine isn’t just about Ukraine, Ukraine is just busy fighting the evil empire that is a global threat. Russia had plans for a lot more than Ukraine and they also get involved in our elections, so there has to be a global effort to weaken them.

  • Deriz Nobot 1 year ago

    It all became real quickly eh.

  • Ricky Ray 1 year ago

    Marjorie Taylor Greene is stealing all the baby formula for herself

  • SilentWolff 1 year ago

    This wouldnt be going on if Trump was still President, you know it and I know it.

  • Julian S 1 year ago

    … I love Bill, but, “make you carry the baby to term” is a weird way to put that. Most pro choice people argue that it isn’t a baby.

  • New Message 1 year ago

    I expected 11 percent more ads on this video.


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