Monologue: Dueling Grandpas | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)

Published on October 16, 2020

Bill recaps the top stories of the week, including Joe Biden and Donald Trump’s dueling televised town halls.

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  • dcntimk 3 months ago

    Was Mahar high or what? The monologue was boring and his timing was way off. He is such a hypocrite. He rails against the conservatives and yet he is totally intolerant of people of faith. BTW, I am a liberal but I’m done with this fool. He’s as bad as those he pretends to hate.

  • Cyrus Kalali 3 months ago

    The president is part of a patephillia ring.
    Remember Jeffrey Epstein?
    Why did they kill him in Prison.
    He was going to sing against Trump.
    You remember the TEA PARTY in the early 2000’s?
    At that time something was missing.
    It didn’t make sense.
    Well, now everything clicks.
    Everything makes sense.
    Very simple.
    Tea party = KKK = QAnon = White Supremacists = GOP = Fascists = REPUBLICANS = TRUMP

  • Common Ground 3 months ago

    I have known quite a few “crazy uncles” and one of them was mine. Mostly they were cool, so my problem with Trump is not that he’s one too, but rather that he is cruel as well as being a liar, cheat, thief, bully, bigot, racist, misogynist, and an ignorant narcist to boot. Besides that he is ridiculed by our allies, surrounds himself with sycophants, has ridiculous hair and walks around with toilet paper on his shoe!, need I mention his “tan” He would be an endearing comedic sit com character but not in real life. In this reality he is a danger to us all.

  • Hans murll 3 months ago

    Both grandpas are over the hill, but Joe is the best one for this time in History? And for the Nation.

  • Brandon Brake 3 months ago

    No one saw Sneakers?! Blind people can read, even without being able to see. Also, ‘legally blind’ does not mean ‘no vision’. Dusted off a Clearance Thomas joke though, so…

  • Jelly Bean 3 months ago

    Emails are not stored on your computer they are on the email server of the company you use that requires a password to access. And so on and so on. So much baloney.

  • Gerardo Arellano 3 months ago

    “Who passes out on crack?”😂

  • hepwo91222 3 months ago

    Computer repairman is “legally blind” without his glasses, legally blind doesn’t mean blind, it means really poor vision. Anyway, how about challenging the content of the emails, pictures, or texts? It’s pretty damning. Biden cannot be President.

  • Bill Pii 3 months ago

    A bigger question is how do you pass out smoking crack? oh shit Bill just said the same thing. lol

  • Neo Jon 3 months ago

    Oh, Bill Maher, I used to love you so much. The deal with the Osama Bin Laden scandal is that Obama/ Biden administration knew Bin Laden was living in Iran, under the protection of Iranian government.
    The theory is that Obama administration struck a deal with Iran, and moved Obama to Pakistan for trophy kill because Obama’s re-election was coming up.
    Since 2009-2010 CIA operatives were trying to capture Bin Laden alive to earn the reward, but CIA directors wouldn’t give a green light to the operation because they wanted to keep the trophy for the President Obama.

    Bin Laden’s alive or not is not the center issue. The problem is Obama administration might have conspired with Iran for Bin Laden trophy kill.

  • Perfide Ursi 3 months ago

    It sat there long enough the owner could claim it. Hunters signature is on the receipt for the laptop. He copied it sent out to the fbi awhile ago. After nothing happened he took it to Giuliani….. let me guess now Giuliani is going to be Russian.. watch these kids have no imagination

  • Travis Keith 3 months ago

    And you made fun of Trumps slight stumble on the ramp.

  • Big Electron 3 months ago

    Bill Maher during elections is so awesome to watch!

  • invisible man 3 months ago

    It was an Apple computer….An Apple computer at a repair shop????????…Wake up people..!

  • Andrew Hawthorne 3 months ago

    It’s a shame that Trump’s followers and base line of support still believe in a debunked conspiracy theory that has no bearing of truth, filled with their false narratives. Not only did a Republican majority Senate committee found no wrongdoing on the part of the Bidens. Three Ukrainian investigations found no wrongdoing. The corrupted Ukrainian prosecutor wasn’t ousted or fired by Biden. Yet it came from several European Nations that put the pressure on the Ukrainian court system to fire the unethical, corrupted prosecutor.

  • Don Brunton 3 months ago

    Demcommies, so quick to condemn what does not fit their belief system, and so slow to understand that their belief system is absurd.

  • Nancy Chandler 3 months ago

    85% of people who wear masks get Covid 19…Really Drumph. So we have 204 million Covid 19 cases now?????

  • mono7891 3 months ago

    “….if you want to make Mike Pence nervous, stare at his fly”……..

  • holyfuknmolymyshitstinks 3 months ago

    This guy was decent In the early 2000s. What a pompous Dicknose he’s shown himself to be. Such a butthurt little puppet


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