Monologue: Bye, Propecia! | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)

Published on January 23, 2021

Bill recaps the top stories of the week, including America’s semi-peaceful transition of power, President Biden’s first days in office and QAnon confusion.

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  • midknight 2 years ago

    Pretty sure those “antifa” riots in Portland recently was another proud boys false flag operation

  • bigthunderbird 2 years ago

    Dear buddy Bill, he actually left on inauguration day. Oh wait I missed the new rules on predictions and bs.

  • Ingrid Fong-Daley 2 years ago

    Horny-Milfs-Right-In-Your-Neighbourhood everywhere thank you for the shoutout!
    Business has be rough lately.
    Well, you know. Rougher than usual. 🙂

  • Jay Chima 2 years ago

    Let’s open all the borders even though the immigrants that entered legally don’t get appreciated

  • Jeff Karas 2 years ago

    “Donald Trump,
    out on his ass
    for his crimes
    and for his class.” — adapted from an anti-Nixon poster on the wall of an attic bedroom in which I used to get high.

  • Cool Coyote 2 years ago

    hmm not a big deal? trump going after pedos? i think if biden is any good, he should try to do the same.

  • Jacob Crum 2 years ago

    Bill, You better get on those writers of your. i can see even you hate the shit they write

  • Bo Co 2 years ago

    Four years without a president proved to not be such a good idea!

  • Robert Griffin 2 years ago

    Humanitarian Nation building 3. 2.1.

  • Tom Lakosh 2 years ago

    Let Merrick and Letitia prosecute first ’cause Chuck can’t reverse the effects of mercury poisoning and inbreeding suffered by the opposition in his chamber. It will be much more difficult to defend Pumpkinhead and his supporters if there’s a pile of criminal convictions regarding election tampering, bank fraud and tax evasion to add to the evidence of insurrection related to 1/6/21. It would clearly establish a second term as the only bar to incarceration as his motive for insurrection. Merrick can also gather better evidence from FBI investigations on the insurrectionists that would then be available in the Senate trial but not before it is revealed to the defendants in discovery or in court. Once convicted by a jury on insurrection, the 14th Amendment applies and he can be barred from office on the conviction alone:

  • dee cee 2 years ago

    Get it off your chest Brother! Keep it going

  • Adam Bees 2 years ago

    I would definitely be that ex-husband.

  • Sky Walker 2 years ago

    It’s like the clouds are gone and we can breath a lot easier now.

  • Ken L. 2 years ago

    it’s funny cause someone was just giving a speech and accidentally said “erection” instead of “insurrection” >_<

  • bassiehd 2 years ago

    Hinged? COME ON MAN!

  • Paxton Robinson 2 years ago

    Well Epstein is dead and tRump is out of office so the people they are looking for maybe harder to find since they have left Washington ,DC. The only one that is questionable so far is the coach who was part of the college wrestling team scandal that became a Congressperson or Senator.

  • sandella11 2 years ago

    I’m almost 73 yrs old and have never seen such a delusional, snarky, dishonest, stupid , ignorant, racist bully. He’s the most UNPRESIDENTIAL president this country has ever had…..and during my lifetime…..we’ve had a few doozies. But they were nothing compared to this fat orange bozo. I feel lighter. I’m breathing slower. How great it is to actually watch daily press briefings where people speak coherently and intelligently when they respond to the reporters. I hope trump and his brainwashed followers move out of our country to some far far away land. And never ever return to America. 👍🤞🏼

  • La Campana Libertaria 2 years ago

    F12 and F YOU BILL MAHER

  • pat comerford 2 years ago

    It was with great joy seeing the two contemptible vulgarians, don and his moll, leave the White House!

  • OhNoNotFrank 2 years ago

    Trump forgot to take his coup de'(via)grâ.


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