Monologue: Burning Down the House | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)

Published on November 17, 2018

Bill recaps the top stories of the week, including Trump’s response to the California wildfires and paranoia over the Mueller probe.

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  • Zach The Celtics Guy 2 years ago

    Our fake president is treating California like Puerto Rico again, as if it’s one of his pawns.

  • brainflash1 2 years ago

    It makes me feel all warm inside to know that Trump is now just as miserable as the rest of us have felt ever since he became president. Not as warm as California, but warm enough.

  • backspace4353 2 years ago

    Trump should stay away!!!

  • james minor 2 years ago

    Two months. No. Get to the chopper. Two months! I need new rules! Nothing but the best Bill!!! Don’t be too damn long!

  • skydanzr 2 years ago

    The greatest weapon of the 21st Century,,, develop a mind manipulating / hypnotic/ subliminal technology embedded in content. The internet / social media offered the ability to target millions of people with hours of imprint sessions using an election as a springboard into their minds… blind to facts and reason, unconditional locality, commonly referred to as Trump’s Base. 20 years ago would you ever thought a billion people on this planet would have a wireless connected touchscreen supercomputer the size of a Pop-Tart stuck to their face, walking into traffic, crashing cars into each other, such great technological advances we have achieved.
    A dictator had the evil forethought 10 years ago to develop this technology. Yeah I know,,, brainwashing,,, that’s so SI-FI, kind of like landing a booster rocket falling from space, upright on a barge in the ocean or a pad where it blasted off. Now if only I could pry my folks away from Fox News for a minute and not talk about Crooked Hillary,”still reverberating in their heads”. At least it’s not 100% effective but added to propaganda induced tribalism, political extortion and bribery,effective enough to achieve the unthinkable. Did I hear Putin utter,” Checkmate!”.

  • M. Angel Renteria 2 years ago

    I’m offended

  • David Ellis 2 years ago

    Going to be interesting to see Trump & Jerry Brown interact. Jerry will pounce all over Trump if he starts spouting foolishness.

  • Khaled Rapp 2 years ago

    If Trump kills himself before the end of 2018, I’ll be convinced a benevolent God exists.

  • TheTower222 2 years ago

    Bill you my niggga bro

  • The Warning Second Coming of JesuS ChrisT !! 2 years ago

    Bill Maher: NO ONE LAUGHS AT YOUR MENTALLY RETARDED VOICE BOX…….get real…HELL IS NOT YOUR ETERNAL HOME… why wd u choose to go there?

  • Jeff Lombardi 2 years ago

    “Party of Lincoln…party of sausage.”

  • Scott Wilhelms 2 years ago

    Please tell me he won’t be throwing out papertowels!? ??

  • pathofclouds85 2 years ago

    Last Tuesday he also lost a house.
    That was a bad bad pun ?

  • Daniel M 2 years ago

    “Wall swatches” ?

  • Alekk 2 years ago

    Headwriter ? You mean Head Giver ..

  • Daniel Tristan 2 years ago

    So much losing! Please mr. president, it’s too much losing!

  • arlrmr 2 years ago

    Why not? Why should California not publicly state that he is not invited and is not welcome to “help” with the fires? It would be one less thing to do which should give him more time for Fox News and for toilet tweets. Why not?

  • Hye Ji 2 years ago

    Trump is under Alien AI Mind Control #tinfoilmat tagged

  • Kenneth Dower 2 years ago

    Real Time is off for the next two months??? Oh, dear, what will the trumptard trolls ever do with not being able to spew their invective in the comments. ?

  • Mythical Vigilante 2 years ago

    I used to be a liberal, but I still enjoy Bill Maher, even as a conservative. Been watching him since politically incorrect in the 90s. A good comedian is a good comedian, even if I no longer agree with him politically.


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