Monologue: Bring ’em Young | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)

Published on April 8, 2022

Bill recaps the top stories of the week, including the GOP’s reaction to Kentaji Brown Jackson’s historic Supreme Court confirmation.

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  • Tony Kearney 1 year ago

    Nobody talking about choosing because of race or sex. Hmmmm….

  • Tony Pepperoni 1 year ago

    the “don’t say gay” jokes are eye rolling and shows that bill is a bit out of touch.
    anyone opposing the bill is either stupid beyond repair or wants to sexualize children

  • Jeradiah Williams 1 year ago

    The GOP might as well wear white hoods and scream “White Power!!” They are who’s mentality we’re trying to get rid of……….RACISM!!

  • 7891ph 1 year ago

    Mahar has his issues, but he’s still funny!!!

  • TheLobrik 1 year ago

    How the fuck is mitt Romney still considered a Republican? Seriously?

  • shatner99 1 year ago

    Leo Dicaprio got a Ph.D. From Bring’em Young.

  • Push Against the Zeitgeist 1 year ago

    Congratulations to Justice Brown Jackson. But I must say the questioning and scrutiny that the Republicans applied was tame in comparison to what Justice Kavanaugh had to endure at the hands of the Democrat senators, media and the well oiled machinery of the pro choice activists.
    It seems that most who criticise the way the Republicans went about the vetting of Brown Jackson are suffering from some sort of ideological amnesia.

  • Father Gabriel Stokes 1 year ago

    She wasn’t qualified

  • Kelley May 1 year ago

    Maybe it’s coming from her consistently sentencing people who possess CP or committed acts of pedophilia well below the federal sentencing guidelines? Maybe?

  • Christof L 1 year ago

    I love how Kavanaugh was attacked by the Left for supposedly touching some girl’s tits in the early 80’s and there were insane protests to not let him serve on the Court but this justice who actually gave very lenient sentences to pedophiles gets a pass. This is not character assassination, this is her record serving as a judge.

  • Dr.Magnus Nyhus Urgent Care Bar and Grill 1 year ago

    The way Republicans were so quick to leave the Senate floor after Ketanji Brown Jackson was confirmed makes me think Madison Cawthorn may have been telling the truth. At the very least it sure does appear the Republicans had something like cocaine fuled orgies “lined up”.

  • Critical Commoner 1 year ago

    Dems are pedos

  • Tidesrollin 1 year ago

    Would you leave your child with Biden for an Hour????? HUUUHHHHHHH


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