Monologue: All Torn Up | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)

Published on February 8, 2020

Bill recaps the top stories of the week, including President Trump’s aquittal and the Democrats’ Iowa caucus debacle.

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  • wujidao 1 year ago

    This year the red carpet has a hammer and sickle.

  • Tara Hill 1 year ago

    Looking good ??

  • sharon b 1 year ago

    Trump is awesome…your funny but full of shit??

  • No Name 1 year ago

    Republicans should all be burned at the stake.

  • Lilah Jamison 1 year ago

    At this point, I’m pretty sure that if Trump kills someone and there is video of him doing it, the Republicans will still ignore the evidence and acquit him.

  • Daniel B 1 year ago

    Yo Bill! Stop writing your own monologues!

  • Macky * 1 year ago

    Democrats are coughing up blood

  • waiotahi52 1 year ago

    They could not give Sean Hannity the suck up to Donald award..he was so far up Donald they couldn’t find him

  • Nighthawk_ Predator 1 year ago

    Bill was out of his league tonite with Bannon unfortunately. Disappointing interview. Fluffy questions and Bannon had him all wrapped up in giggles. WTF?

  • Serge Somborac 1 year ago

    What Pelosi did physically with Trump’s speech is what Trump did metaphorically with the constitution.

  • Stewart McMinn 1 year ago

    Looking from the other side of the planet, mine might be burning but I’d rather live here than the corruption of America. The un united most corrupt and inept ‘Merica.

  • Laura Jolan 1 year ago

    I love ya, Bill, but your zipper-checking is driving me crazy! Please, get some zipperless pants or remain seated. It’s too distracting.
    (I’m so sorry, my OCD made me do this; it’s been a distraction I can’t take anymore.) I really do appreciate your voice.

  • Ai Jax 1 year ago


    The new buzzword of the left since racist, corrupt, collusion and quid pro quo were taken and disproven.

  • Paul McDermed 1 year ago


  • Ramakrishna Reddy 1 year ago

    Trump’s best week ever , getting acquitted , Iowa caucus debacle . What will the democrats do next ?

  • H Eck 1 year ago

    Liberal tears ?

  • Kris 1 year ago

    The pray for you joke was weak. Not because it was untrue, but you missed about 4 different angles to roast “ill pray for you” people at once. Tons of ammo on that, fireworks are loaded and you stuck to birthday candles. Dont hold back on those who make fun of difficult for no reason other than their youtube or facebook degree. Effects scale by competence. Dont burn your neighbours house down.

  • e kat 1 year ago

    what a hack

  • carlos antunes 1 year ago

    im gonna jump the wall to see fake teats on a bear

  • Pharma Cology 1 year ago

    Fuck you, Bill. Mitt believes his oath to God and the Constitution has merit, and he held himself accountable to that oath. You worship at the altar of legal marijuana and profit from jokes. I can’t believe I’m defending Mitt Romney, but that’s the kind of asshole you are. The joke should be about Trump, you fucking asshole, not the person who made a stand of conscience you would never take. Fuck you.


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