‘Momsplaining with Kristen Bell’ #SparkJoy with Marie Kondo, Ep. 6

Published on February 16, 2018

Kristen helps a busy mom “spark joy” in her cluttered closet with some help from New York Times bestselling author Marie Kondo. Kristen uses her new learning to help friend and “Scandal” star Katie Lowes.

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  • Joanna Wee 3 years ago

    I was here before notifications cause I know Ellen uploads here videos here at 10.00pm

  • Lujain Hamdan 3 years ago

    I am hereeee✌?✌?

  • TamTam 3 years ago

    I “LOVE” Kristen Bell!! She is hilarious, and so freaking cool!

  • Carol Paredes 3 years ago

    it needs to be longer videos…I LOVE KRISTEN BELL

  • Donovan Rodriguez 3 years ago

    *”Hi! I’m zero time academy award nominee Kristen Bell.”* ?? I love her and The Good Place!

  • Queen 97 3 years ago

    Did the second pregnant woman at the end of the video drink Alcohol at the end !???

  • Krystal Kate 3 years ago

    I LOVE MOMsplaining ❤ Lots of love Kristen, you’re the best ?

  • Maddison Hale 3 years ago

    I feel like the majority of viewers aren’t even moms we just love Kristen Bell

  • Jobless Man 3 years ago

    Im zero time academy award nominee Kristen Bell ???

  • Natasha Raja 3 years ago

    I’m fifteen and I still watch all of these?

  • Michelle Staup 3 years ago

    Kristen and Katie need to be my best friends in real life.

  • healthymadness 3 years ago

    GUYS, YOU HAVE TO LISTEN DAX’S PODCAST, his interview with kristen is not only funny and entertaining as expected, but they talk about real stuff, about their past, about allowing ourselves to make mistakes, about depression and jealousy and happiness over suffering…….I’ve just heard it so I’m still pumped up, it made me feel very good about my own shit, check it out

  • Lori Hyslop 3 years ago

    Okay so I literally went to watch this video and the Ad before it was the actual video so I just watched it twice because fate obviously thought I needed to see it

  • Anna Chung 3 years ago

    Haha thanks for this Kristen ??

  • Yukta Khanchandani 3 years ago

    We are not even moms but we still love these videos…Also, does anybody know the intro song?

  • marisol hernandez 3 years ago

    The fact that Kristen even has time to read makes her my hero. Being a mother is – my child woke up.bye

  • Sarah Ingle 3 years ago

    “Contractually I’m not allowed to sing that one.” ?

  • Free Range MTB 3 years ago

    I have plenty of clothes that don’t spark joy. I think I know what I’m going to do tonight after work…

  • bérénice bruzzo 3 years ago

    I’m zero time accademy award nominee Kristen bell ???. She is so funny!

  • Anastasia Fine 3 years ago

    I hope the 1% that see this remember to always keep following their dreams. Never give up, Anything is possible!!! Mine is to be a successful YouTuber! ❤️ (which is really hard nowadays, anyways I’m always looking to support other youtubers!!) ???


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